Assisting Writers With
Self-Publishing From Start To Publish And Anywhere In Between

Self-Publishing Made Easy!

Self-publishing a book can be a difficult process especially if you’ve never done it before. No worries, that’s why I’m here. 

How To Become A Winn Publications' Published
Author In 3 Easy Steps!

Winn Publications is now taking complete manuscript submissions for 2019! 


Submission of a complete copy of your book is the crucial first step in the publishing process.


Your book will be edited, a cover will be created, and your book’s pages will be designed. Your book will also be available to disrupt online and in retail book stores.


Offering you an EXCLUSIVE promotional package. As a Winn Publications Winner, I will promote you and your business through the use of my social media pages and website.

Providing Relevant Expertise

"I do more than publish books," - Arilia Winn

Although I find deep joy in publishing books, I also am passionate about social media, website design, and writing. 

I’m not interested in creating a life of balance but creating a life of abundance. Therefore I focus on my interests and my goals.

There's nothing wrong with wanting
to do it yourself!

In fact, I encourage it and teach you how to DIY. 

Offering key information to those looking to win at self-publishing, small business management, social media, and web design via video, images, and through books. 

All events take place in the Winn Pub. Academy Facebook Group. I share new videos once a week on Mondays. 

Winners and their experience

We meaning you and me, can utilize my winning solutions to conquer your self-publishing, website design, and social media managing (to name a few) issues. We will come up with a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be in little to no time. We will, or your money back guaranteed! 

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