5 Things You’ll Gain by Becoming a Self-Published Author – By Abiegail Rose

Self-publishing seems easy, but trust me it’s not. It takes a lot of work, dedication, and marketing. If you haven’t realized this is why publishing companies take such a big chunk from your royalties, they’re doing all the heavy lifting.

But if you’re like me and have decided that you’re ready to put your resistance belt on and max out doing the lifting yourself; then let me tell you what you’ll gain from going down the self-published route.

#1. Tech Know-how

In order to publish a book, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, before your book goes live. You have to write your book, edit it, format it, design the cover, compile it into an ebook and/or print book document, register at online distributors, upload your materials, get advanced reviews, market, and launch your final product.

Whew! That was a lot just typing, so you can imagine what the work looks like when you actually start doing it. But you get the point. There are a lot of technicalities that go into publishing your book, and since you’re responsible for the finished product you have to do it all from start to finish (or hire someone else to handle specific parts for you).

You also get the pleasure of working with the different platforms that you need to make your book a reality. This will lead you to a repeatable system that will make future launches easier and more precise.

#2. Money, Money, Money

When I was with a traditional publisher, sure they did the “heavy lifting”, but that also took most of my earnings giving me a paltry 40% of my royalties and only selling on Amazon at that. Being a self-publisher I was able to sell on all platforms and get my max royalties of 70-90% leading me to make 3x what I made with a traditional publisher.

This alone makes self-publishing a great idea, but in order to sustain this, you must treat your book as a business and market it accordingly. That means more than just sharing a post of Facebook every now and then, but having a system where your book is in front of potential readers via paid advertising consistently.

#3. Personal Growth

To say that you’ll grow is an understatement. Being a self-published author reveals your every weakness and insecurity. You have to come to grips with the fact that you can’t do everything yourself and learn what you can do and what needs to be delegated to others for the success of your work.

It can seem as if being a self-published author that you would want to save money and do it all. However, you will be doing yourself, and your future earring a disservice by going this route. I always recommend investing in someone else to do at least your cover and editing.

These are two fo the most important things when it comes to your book and led to some of my biggest shortcomings when I launched my first few self-published novels. 

#4. Credibility

The fact that you stepped out on faith and published your book YOURSELF builds instant credibility. You are now a publisher. Whenever someone opens up your book, it’s your name they see stamped in the publishing area, not your someone else.

This also means that you won’t have to worry about other people’s work being advertised in your ebooks as they do at some publishing companies to build readership across their authors. 

This itself shows that you really put it all on the line and others respect that.

#5. Motivation

There’s something about seeing the success or failure of your work. You either have the drive to it again or to do it better! I myself have published to date 13 books, 9 of which are self-published. When I was with a traditional publisher, they had me in a genre box. Deciding what I could and couldn’t write. As a self-published author, I’m able to write anything I want, so I write what inspires me: everything from swoon-worthy heroes to motivational reads, it’s in my catalog. Each time I finish a book, there’s always the beginnings of another book in the back of my mind. Other self-published authors have told me the same, very rarely is it a one and done!

Those are just 5 of the things you’ll gain from becoming a self-published author and there are a lot more. However, those 5 things are what affects me the most, so I wanted to share.

Abiegail Rose

Abiegail Rose is a writer, singer, and motivational speaker. When she isn’t enjoying the country life of Mississippi with her family, you can find her face first in her computer writing or podcasting about relationships, situationships, friendships, and kinships– “the ships that can sink you or take you where you need to be!” She loves filling in the black and white lines of life with dramatic colors, and she is always ready to interact with her readers and listeners.

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