You are currently viewing A New Chapter in Romance: Your Manuscript Could Be Our Next Bestseller!

A New Chapter in Romance: Your Manuscript Could Be Our Next Bestseller!

Are you a storyteller at heart, weaving tales of love and passion? We, at Winn Publications, are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for romance manuscripts! As a hybrid publisher deeply committed to nurturing authors’ dreams and fostering a culture of growth, we’re looking for stories that captivate, inspire, and resonate with readers.

Our Unique Approach to Publishing

We pride ourselves on being a hybrid publisher that offers a spectrum of publishing services. Whether you’re looking to self-publish or you’re interested in our hybrid-publishing model, our goal is to help you publish your book in the way that best suits your vision and aspirations.

  1. Self-Publishing: Our self-publishing service has been a bestseller among authors. It’s the perfect path for those ready to turn their dream into reality, whether it’s your debut novel or your next big hit.
  2. Hybrid Publishing: For those seeking a more collaborative approach, our hybrid publishing option might be your ideal match. Here, we carefully vet authors based on their query letters and publication goals, ensuring a perfect fit between your vision and our expertise.

Why Romance, Why Now?

Our catalog, though growing steadily with an average of 16 books per year, seeks to embrace a wider array of voices and stories. Romance, a genre that transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart, is our next horizon. Led by an author-publisher with a decade of industry experience, we are passionate about discovering and nurturing romance writers. This endeavor is more than just expanding our catalog – it’s about contributing to the rich tapestry of love stories that reflect the diverse experiences of our readers.

Looking Beyond Romance: Our Next Genre Awaits

While our current spotlight is on discovering outstanding romance novels, we’re already gearing up for our next genre exploration. Upon selecting our standout romance manuscript, we will unveil our next focus genre, continuing our commitment to a diverse and vibrant catalog.

But don’t let our current focus limit your imagination! If you’re an author who dabbles in other genres, we encourage you to submit your manuscripts as well. Whether it’s mystery, science fiction, fantasy, or any other genre, we’re always eager to uncover new stories that resonate with readers. By submitting your work, you’re not just sharing your story; you’re becoming part of a dynamic, forward-thinking community that values diversity in storytelling.

What We’re Looking For

  • Fresh, engaging romance stories that captivate from the first page.
  • Diverse narratives that reflect a wide range of experiences and perspectives.
  • Manuscripts that are ready for the world to see and fall in love with.

Be Part of Our Growth-Focused Community

At Winn Publications, you’re not just an author; you’re part of a community that values growth, creativity, and collaboration. We believe in supporting each other’s journeys as writers, publishers, and avid readers.

What to Submit

Ready to see your romance novel in the hands of eager readers?

Send a:

  • Final, well edited manuscript  
  • Query Letter or Cover Letter (only for those interested in hybrid-publishing)
  • Author Bio (300 words max)
  • Submit your materials to ; Subject: Self-Publishing Poetry (or your selection). We do not take submissions by mail. We are open to signing a NDA to demonstrate our trustworthiness.  

Your story of love and passion could be the next big thing in the romance genre. We can’t wait to read your manuscript and potentially welcome you to our family of authors. Let’s turn your dream into a reality and continue to grow, together.

What’s Our Process?

  1. Initial Inquiry:
    Begin your publishing journey by exploring our services, pricing, and requirements on our website. For any questions or to arrange a meeting, our contact form is always available.
  2. Consultation (Optional):
    If you’re seeking more clarity or personalized advice, our consultation service is here for you. We’re committed to helping you understand our publishing approach and answering any queries you might have.
  3. Submission:
    We eagerly await your manuscript submissions. This is where your story begins its journey towards publication.
  4. Vetting Process:
    Our team thoroughly reviews each submission to ensure it aligns with our publishing standards and offerings. We value the uniqueness and quality of your work.
  5. Formal Offer:
    Successful submissions will lead to a formal offer from us, detailing the initial terms of our partnership and the exciting journey ahead.
  6. Agreement and Payment Terms:
    Upon accepting our offer, authors enter into a tailored agreement with us, outlining the specifics of our collaboration. We offer flexible payment terms to suit your needs, keeping the focus on bringing your book to life.

Winn Publications is not just looking for manuscripts; we’re looking for storytellers who are eager to share their narratives with the world. Our process is designed to be as author-centric and transparent as possible, ensuring that your journey from manuscript to marketplace is smooth, supportive, and successful. If you feel ready to take this step, we are more than ready to hear from you. Submit your manuscript when you’re ready to go on this exciting publishing journey with us – your story deserves to be told, and we’re here to help you tell it.

Contact Us

For any queries or more information about our publishing services, feel free to reach out at