About Self Publishing

Now is the time…

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to start working your book that you want to publish yourself.

I published my first book on the day, Jan. 28, last year and since then I have learned so much about writing and self-publishing. In fact, I helped Life Coach Kelly Sweet publish her first book, “I’ve Got Jewels” in December 2018.

What I learned from those experiences is that 1. self-publishing isn’t going anywhere and 2. there’s a lot of money to be made in this field.

What about the money?

What about it? Ok… I know, I get it, it can be expensive to self-publish a book if you are wanting to outsource everything except the writing. However here at Winn Publications I understand that you are a beginner and that you aren’t a rich author yet. I have a list of self-publishing services that I offer to assist you with self-publishing from start to publish or anywhere in between.

You may also teach yourself how to write and self-publish your book without outsourcing a thing. I offer courses on self-publishing and would love to show you how. Otherwise there is definitely tons of useful information on the internet that could help you learn how to do it yourself.

Where do I start?

You start writing a book, by writing. Write down everything! I call this brainstorming. Just get all of your ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper or word document. Later you will go back and organize it and utilize an outline to make sure that everything is cohesive. After you complete your manuscript the next step is advertising and marketing. I wouldn’t wait any longer to start marketing your book. Gaining an audience is a process and if you don’t already have one creating one as early as possible will be beneficial in the end.

What about the look of my book?

After you’re done with the writing, you will want to design your book cover. Utilizing tools that come with Kindle Direct and Barnes and Noble are great, also try Canva or if you’re really creative utilize Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustrator to create a professional book cover. Take your time with this part because people will judge your book by its cover. If this isn’t your cup of tea contact me today, I design book covers for ebook and paperback.

What are the steps to self-publishing?

Stay tuned! I will be hosting an event on how to self-publish your book on Feb. 6 ! Be sure to join Winn Pub. Academy to be sure to receive this information first.

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