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About Us

Winn Publications is a hybrid publisher that teams up with authors to publish in the way they desire. Offering self-publishing assistance to loyal self-publishers, hybrid-publishing deals to a select few, and traditional publishing contracts to book writing contest winners. At Winn Publications we believe that literature can both educate and entertain, giving the readers both knowledge and relief. There’s a book on our shelves for every reader and we take pride in publishing across every category and interest with excellence.

Winn Publications is a growing hybrid publisher in the United States, comprised of brands with a mission to  bridge a transformative connection between authors and readers by championing diversity, fostering cultural competence, and weaving impactful narratives into the fabric of storytelling. Founded in Abilene, Texas in January 2018, by Arilia Winn who envisioned a collection or quality, attractive books by deserving new writers and indie authors. Working remotely from her home in Florida, Arilia continues to grow with Winn Publications’ authors.


The brands making up Winn Publications include: Renaissance Reads Online Bookstore, and Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine.