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Founder Arilia Winn - Self-published Authors Need To Get Active On Social Media During Quarantine

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Advertising Price List Updated 3/29/2020

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When we win, you win! Taking on an ad opportunity with Winn Publications could mean that our visitors become your visitors as well. 

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Offering A Variety Of Ad Types

In an effort to help authors, all of our ads are on sale
until the end of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Author's Spotlight- Blog

Poet/Spoken Word Author Feauture

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1 Link To Your Book in Winn Publications' Online Bookstore

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A Variety of Additional Advertising Opportunities

Press Release (COMING SOON) – Include your book’s press release with Winn Publications’ authors – $10 (additional $20 if you’d like the Winn Publications’ staff to create one for you.) 

The Author’s Spotlight Podcast– Free promo opportunity coming back in October- Be interviewed by founder Arilia Winn and discuss you and your book, plus give advice to other writers, authors, and self-publishers. 

Be Our Guest- Instagram Live With Publisher Miss Winn – Let’s go live on Instagram for about an hour and discuss your book and your publishing expertise! There’s a small $5 fee for promo flier creation. 

FREE - Get your "mug shot" on all platforms
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Take a photo with your mug and send it us to be featured across all of our social media platforms 


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