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how it works

Our ambassador program

The ambassador program is an opportunity for anyone to be a part of nurturing creativity and fostering literary diversity. As a social institution, our mission is to create a global impact through storytelling by authors who reflect diverse perspectives. We believe that even for-profit companies can benefit from community support in alternative ways. Those who follow our journey seek businesses like ours that prioritize making a positive impact on the world, whether by offering their skills, knowledge, network, or monthly financial support.


Support our mission to amplify diverse voices in literature and empower authors through your unique contributions.


Be an active participant in our community, lending your skills and support to help us make a difference.


Lead volunteer projects of interest and cultivate new skills.


Join as one of the initial 100 ambassadors and contribute to Winn Publications’ growth as a hybrid publisher.

from $6 uSd/ month


You become an ambassador of Winn Publications because you support the cause and believe in what we do. You’ll watch from the sideline, and support us by a monthly donation and we will:

  • Keep you updated through our Winner’s Circle newsletter
  • Give you access to behind the scenes content on YouTube

Cancel at anytime

from $15.00 uSd/ month


You become an ambassador because you like to get involved, become part of our pride and play an important role in making us grow. You support us by a monthly donation, sharing your skills, knowledge and your network and we will:

  • Keep you updated through our Winner’s Circle newsletter
  • Give you access to behind the scenes content on YouTube
  • Give you the chance to sign up and work on ambassador projects for independent authors
  • Send you a hands on ambassador toolkit
  • Make you a face of our organization and get a spot on our pride wall
  • Invite you to yearly exclusive author events

Cancel at anytime

Where does the money flow?

Percent of all donations go directly to Winn Publications.

$10 USD

Will give us the opportunity to give 30 writers a meal during our community writing workshops. 


Authors you can help a year with becoming an ambassador with a monthly donation of $15.00.

how does it work

Ambassador Projects

Only as a hands-on ambassador you get the chance to take on projects together with other ambassadors. When there are new projects available, we will inform you through our newsletter in which you can sign up for a project.

Coming soon: you will be able to have a look at some of the projects that already have been done by ambassadors. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates. 

Get in touch

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, joining Winn Publications or simply finding out more, please get in touch!


Your support fuels our mission to nurture creativity and empower diverse authors, shaping the future of literature with Winn Publications.

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