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Arilia Winn

Arilia Winn, originally from Southern California and now living in Central Florida, always liked words. As a kid, she got in trouble for talking a lot, but her 3rd-grade teacher noticed and put her in poetry competitions. Over time, her love for poetry turned into a passion for storytelling. Since 2014, Arilia has been working to become a full-time author. In 2018, she founded her own publishing company, Winn Publications. We’ve done a lot – published 40+ books, formatted over 100, and have 8 bestselling authors on the Winn Team.

Arilia, having written and published 12 books with more coming this year, is passionate about ‘living well.’ She likes talking about healthy relationships and enjoys helping kids grow creatively. Her writing often focuses on transformation, looking at three levels of change: mental shift, physical change, and making things happen in real life. She writes in different genres, from children’s books to short stories, anthologies, and coloring books. Her next project is a personal vision board book, a tool for her own mental transformation.

With a degree in mass communication and a focus on journalism, Arilia founded Winn Publications, a company making a mark in the literary world. This year, her goal is to open a physical bookstore-publisher, bringing literature and community together.

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