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Author Interview with Dr. Betty Burrus-Wright

About the Author

Dr. Betty Burrus -Wright believes that her life is divinely guided.  She is an agent of social change, a dynamic workshop leader, a lecturer, nationally and internationally, a human rights human relations advocate, and a role model for lifelong learning. Her motto is to set daily living on default of positive: Her words have three functions to educate, to inspire and to heal. Her M&M  is to (Mind, and Mouth)  monitor  what’s  allowed in the mind and evaluate what comes out of the mouth: 

BBWright discovered an artful and creative voice in her senior years.  She is the author of three novels, one thesis research “ out of wedlock teen pregnancies; among select African-American, grandmother and mother”, and a documentary “what mama didn’t say”, a copulation of oral histories regarding veiled messages about sex,  developed curriculums for  “Artistically write and speak aloud”,  a cognitive psychological anti-bully model, “Searchers”  stories of survival from children prostitutes’ a curriculum of preventions and Interventions. 

The synopsis of Dr. Betty Burrus-Wright’s work is summed up in an effort to illuminate the need to educate parents and children about basic life issues of sexuality, human rights, and prevention from exploitation.

 The author divides her time between family, private practice, volunteering, presenting, lecturing, writing, reading, and traveling. She currently resides in San Francisco Bay area.

Interview Questions

How did your journey as an Author begin?

A. My journey as a writer started in high school, gradually I started putting words and experiences together and it was like a journal. I wasn’t with any particular intent.

Was it something you always wanted to pursue?

A. Writing for the public wasn’t on my radar it was by a divine assignment. Even though I had been writing in my journal/diary love letters and things like that I had not thought about writing for the public market place. I believe that everyone should experience at least three careers in their lifetime .Writing is something I started to do just as I started to scale down from teaching and working as a Cognitive Behavioral therapist. so I just started to write and put thoughts together with nouns, verbs, adverbs , adjectives . Subsequently I started carry a yellow note pad with me to jot down ideas and paint  word picture and stories, and it just evolved. I believe my writing to be a divine assignment, Writing not only healed my own internal occupation where I was locked into my limited and shallow beliefs. therefore I am hopful this information will help other look and examine their own biases , prejudices, beliefs and value systems. Examine the things that  one may not be will to take a closer  look. 

Writing has without a doubt changed my perceptions, ideas value and belief system . I use my word carefully. I was a teacher for may years. I love words I try to use them with 3 purposes in mind.: educate, inspire and heal. My experiences has been word have the ability to heal or kill, even if I am sitting with family ,writing or with a client I use them thoughtfully. I have an acronym that I try to manage my life by. Its M&M, not the candy. But  daily, I set my default on positive. monitoring  what goes into my mind and what comes out of my mouth.

Who motivated you to write?

A. I believe my life’s trajectory lead me to the assignment. I had no specific motivation to write for public market. However ,I give thanks to my husband Gene Wright, who pushed me out of my comfortable secure teaching life, and told me to find another life. He caused me to fly as he was the constant wind beneath my wings  supporting me as I soared north through many and varied teaching  modalities.

Word of advice for other potential writers?

No. not really. For me, I think it’s been a part of my Divine trajectory and assignment. I find myself interested in just painting a picture with word, of social conditions that need to be illuminated. I like to say I fell into it but then again I believe it is divinely assigned. Another medium for teaching and a larger class room. I suppose if its  something one want to try, then go for it. If its in your constant thought  then use  patience and perseverance.

 My books has taken years to write. Not one was finished in a year’s time.

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years?

A. I would like to expand the availability of the research information , and continue to be useful in prevention  and intervention of childhood sex abuses thru lecturing  and workshops.

What does being an Author mean to you?

A. Actually, it means more responsibility. Those who have a voice, a platform and access must speak out for positive social change . I have to remind myself that I am an author, for me it does designate as something big ,important.. Because writing and teaching are things that I enjoy doing I don’t feel that way. However , adding another dimension  like publishing ,I have some hesitation ,  is kind of scary ,it’s like putting myself out in the market place. I want to get the word out, but I am afraid there may be a lot of flak, talk against the truth, and the  information may be blurred or unseen and or the point may  be missed. The big question, what is the point. Summarily, People are living in a society where some children are having to learn to take on parental roles to protect themselves and care for parents. 

Therefore don’t judge the behavior, there are pieces of the puzzle of individual life that unknown so allow human rights and dignity. If one feels comfortable start a conversation with out blame ,i.e. what happen to you, what can I do to help? Try to allow  the individual humanity and respect. And accept they are doing their best with what they have.  Some parents are unable to care for themselves, therefore it behooves the community and individuals to teach and help where and when possible. If nothing else comes out of my writing,  try education , work for inclusion, hold forums ,advocate for policy change at city council level, school boards help for victims and perpetrators of sex crimes. I feel sad ,that we are in a time where,  some children can’t enjoy the freedom of human rights to play and be carefree as children.

What is your favorite quote and who is it by?

A. Apostle Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

It works for me.

Lastly, if you could co-author with someone who would it be and why?

A. Ta Nishi Coates who wrote “Water Dancer”. I like the way Mr. Coates took a hard very sensitive truth and made it palatable so the history and message of slavery’s injustice didn’t lose the reader in the telling of the tragedy.