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Author Interview with Dr. Natasha Weems

    Meet Author Natasha Weems, the author of “Unbreakable Woman Embracing Resilience in Every Season“.

    Dr. Natasha Weems DNP, AGPCNP-BC, combines extensive healthcare expertise with a profound dedication to community wellness. Her academic foundation is robust, featuring an Associate’s degree in Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Wayne State University, and advanced nursing degrees from Oakland University, including a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Her research has notably impacted veteran care, examining the adherence to best practices in treating tobacco disorders. Learn more about her here.

    Dr. Weems, how did your journey as an author begin?

    My journey as an author began amidst the everyday struggle of gathering resources for my children, a process that felt like running on a hamster wheel. I sought to find and share a narrative that could encourage others facing similar health challenges. Initially, my focus was to offer resources and advice that took me years to accumulate. However, as I delved deeper into writing, my purpose broadened. I found refuge in sharing encouraging words and motivational scriptures that went beyond mere advice. Writing became a form of therapy, an outlet that allowed me to express and connect with readers on a more personal level. It was through this process of seeking to inspire and support others that my voice as an author emerged.

    Who or what motivated you to write?

    My motivation to write was ignited by a pivotal season in my life, an inner call to share my journey and uplift others. My narrative delves into the personal account of my daughter’s autism—a subject I had kept close to my chest. Yet, a compelling force moved me to speak out, understanding that my personal insights could offer solace and assistance to those in similar circumstances. But my writing encompasses much more; it’s a candid exploration of the various challenges and barriers I’ve encountered throughout my life. I weave in spiritual scriptures that have offered me strength, aiming to provide that same guidance and encouragement to other women facing their own seasons of adversity. It’s this broader conversation and connection that truly motivated me to write.

    Do you only write in one genre or multiple? Please explain why or why not.

    As an author, my work primarily resides at the intersection of memoir and self-help. This blend allows me to draw from my own experiences to offer guidance and support to others. The narrative of my daughter’s autism and the broader challenges of my life serve as a backdrop for the life lessons and spiritual wisdom that I share. While this has been my focus, I do not limit myself to one genre. The essence of my writing is to convey hope and empowerment, a theme that transcends genre boundaries. Whether my future works will branch into other genres will depend on where my journey takes me and how best I can serve my readers’ needs. For now, my story has found its home in a space that is deeply personal yet universally relatable.

    What tips can you offer other authors?

    My advice to fellow authors is to pause and reflect deeply before you begin to write. Consider carefully what parts of your story you are open to sharing and think about the possible outcomes once your words are out in the world. Be mindful of the reactions your narrative may evoke and prepare yourself for a wide range of responses. While it’s impossible to satisfy every reader, aim to write with honesty and transparency. At the same time, it’s important to find a balance—be open, but protect your and others’ privacy by not divulging more than what feels right. The key is to share your truth while maintaining boundaries that respect the sensitivities of your story and the people involved in it.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In five years, I envision myself as an individual who has grown threefold in strength and wisdom—a formidable presence in my field. I see myself leading with conviction, making tangible impacts, and fostering leadership in others. I am committed to encouraging people to take bold steps toward their goals. I imagine myself fully immersed in living out my purpose, whatever form that may take, and whatever new chapters that commitment may open. Alongside my professional ambitions, I foresee a fortified family unit, reveling in the joy of my children’s growth and thriving. My aim is to not only continue my journey of personal and professional growth but to also serve as a catalyst for change and inspiration for those around me.

    What does being an author mean to you?

    To me, being an author signifies the profound opportunity to take ownership of my narrative and to impart a piece of myself with the intention of creating a positive impact. It means having the courage to confront and embrace my life’s journey, articulating it through words that might serve as a encouragement to others. This role challenges me to heed my inner voice, to harness it not just as a whisper of encouragement but as a powerful tool to fulfill my purpose. It’s about transcending mere storytelling; it’s a commitment to authenticity, growth, and the empowering realization that my experiences can resonate and guide others. Being an author is a testament to the belief that personal stories can illuminate paths for others, making the act of writing an act of connection and contribution.

    What’s your favorite quote and who’s it by?

    My favorite quote is one that resonates deeply with my outlook on life: “Every day you get an opportunity to wake up and have another opportunity at life.” Although the exact attribution may be unclear, the essence of this statement has been used by many and serves as a daily reminder of the gift of life and new beginnings. It encourages a mindset of gratitude and possibility, which aligns with the messages I convey through my writing.

    If you could co-author with anyone – dead or alive- who would it be and why?

    If I could choose anyone to co-author a book with, it would undoubtedly be Michelle Obama. Her grace, class, strength, and wisdom are qualities I deeply respect and admire. The way she articulates her thoughts with such eloquence is not only inspiring but also profoundly impactful. Collaborating with her would offer invaluable insights, as I could learn from her experiences and perspective first-hand. Together, I envision us crafting a book that transcends traditional boundaries, a how-to guide infused with our combined wisdom. This work would explore the art of navigating marriage, raising children, and embracing life’s complexities, all aimed at empowering women to find joy and resilience in their journeys. Such a collaboration would be a treasure trove of inspiration and practical advice, a testament to the power of shared stories and experiences.

    What do you want readers to know about you? 

    As an author, I want people to know that my core motivation for writing is to inspire others. Coming from the humble beginnings of a little girl in Detroit, I longed for guidance and mentorship—like that of an older sister I never had. Role models were present but not plentiful, and this instilled in me a desire to be the figure I needed, for others. My writing is an extension of this aspiration, a means through which I embrace the role of the ‘bigger sister,’ offering advice, solutions, and meaningful impact. I write with the intention to be a woman of purpose, and I hope to empower my readers to find their own paths of impact and fulfillment. This intent is the essence of my identity as an author.

    What do you want readers to know about your book?

    I want readers to understand that my book is a sincere fusion of personal memoir and self-help, designed to uplift and provide direction. It draws from the deep well of my experiences, including navigating my daughter’s autism and facing life’s varied obstacles. It’s more than my story; it’s a wellspring of wisdom, actionable advice, and spiritual empowerment. The book assumes the role of an ‘elder sister,’ offering insights and support, much as I yearned for in my own journey. It’s crafted for those who seek connection in stories and those in search of guidance through life’s complexities. My aspiration is that readers will close the book feeling seen, inspired, and prepared to embrace their life’s chapters with strength and confidence.

    Catch her here on Instagram for updates about her book and her journey: @CareFirstWellness_