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Author Interview with Kellie Zeigler

    Meet Author Kellie Zeigler, the author of Amazon Bestseller “Poems from a Changing Heart“.

    Kellie Zeigler enjoys collecting observations from life in the form of poems and fiction. Her writing has appeared in Still We Rise (Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, 2023). Her favorite place to be is outside soaking up the sun and reveling in God’s creation. She keeps a notepad and pencil close by for whenever inspiration strikes. Her crazy dreams fuel her fiction and her everyday emotions and experiences perpetuate her prose. She hopes people will find comfort in her words.

    How did your journey as an author begin?

    My journey as an author began after two realizations. The first was becoming aware of how much writing I had done and that it was accumulating. I have handwritten most of my work and had different projects in piles on my desk. Even though I had typed up the papers, I kept them “just in case.” The second realization occurred when I shared a poem with a group of people and they all liked it. That experience made me see that other people can relate to what I’ve written and can even be encouraged by it. Those two realizations fueled my desire to get my work out and become published – officially becoming an author.

    Who or what motivated you to write?

    I started writing because I had so many stories and words in my head that I felt like I’d burst if I didn’t get them out. I had also become rather isolated due to chronic health issues, and writing was a way to share my experiences and what I was learning.

    Do you only write in one genre or multiple? Please explain why or why not.

    I mostly write free verse or rhyming poetry. I do have a couple of fiction projects in the works but it’s TBD if they’ll ever see the printed page. While I think it’s likely that a writer may be better at one genre or another, I do not think that natural ability should hinder their exploration into other genres. If I was inclined to write in another genre, I don’t see any harm in trying it out. Researching the other genre and learning its style is bound to improve our writing in some way, may even show us another avenue of writing we enjoy even more or, at the very least, confirm we’re suited to one area and not another. I once wrote an entire memoir chronicling my journey through chronic illness and while there were some lessons to be learned the overall book was too self-focused and lacking in any substantial advice for readers – other than what not to do. Venturing into that genre cleared my head of a lot of stories and helped me focus on poetry.

    What tips can you offer other authors?

    To new writers, I would say to just keep writing. I have written a lot of low-quality things that will never be published but, by writing those I was able to practice more and clear my head for new ideas. To writers who wish to be authors, I encourage you to continue submitting your work to contests and publications. Your work will likely be rejected many times but, don’t let that discourage you.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    In five years, I will likely be continuing to do what I’m doing now – being involved with my local church and sharing truth and experiences through writing. My second book of poetry is already completed so, I hope to have that published, too. A third book of poems is in progress and on-track to be finished in the next year or two. Perhaps when the third book of poems is finished, I’ll turn my attention to my works of fiction even if only for the personal satisfaction of finishing them.

    What does being an author mean to you?

    Being an author means having created something and sharing it with others through publication. I was a writer for years, secretly scribbling away on paper to capture whatever idea, phrase, or feeling was ready to be expressed. But an author, that’s different. That’s being open with the world and honest about what was written.

    What’s your favorite quote and who’s it by?

    “Many are the plans in a person’s heart but, it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21, NIV). This verse brings me comfort knowing that despite the many ideas that pop into my mind and the many options I have in life, if it’s not the Lord’s will then, it’s not going to work out.

    If you could co-author with anyone – dead or alive- who would it be and why?

    It would be fun to co-author a work of fiction with C.S. Lewis because he was able to write captivating stories that portrayed truth and pointed to God, our Creator. Plus, I absolutely adore the Chronicles of Narnia and the characters he created in that world. It was fascinating to read how he conceptualized space travel and other planets in his Space Trilogy while also illuminating the sinful nature of man.

    What do you want readers to know about you? 

    I’d like readers to know that I truly am a joyful person despite all the pain described in my poems. It just happens that I’m more likely to write to get all of the tough emotions out than I am when I’m enjoying life.

    What do you want readers to know about your book?

    I’d like readers to know that this book includes poems that cover a range of experiences I’ve had as well as poems from an imaginative perspective. Ultimately, it stands for experiencing emotions but not allowing them to eclipse the truth. The poems demonstrate that even when we have setbacks – we go back to old habits or an external circumstance knocks us down – we can still look to the future, and for me as a Christian, I can look to my hope in Christ. For those who are not Christians, there is a hope waiting for them if they choose to receive it.

    Catch her here on Instagram for updates about her book and her journey: @KellieZeigler