Publish In the way you desire

Winn Publications mission is to ensure that the book publishing industry does in fact match the global population. That is why we have coined the phrase “publish in the way you desire” as we offer the best of self-publishing, hybrid-publishing, and traditional publishing for book writing contest winners. 


Our self-publishing option provides authors with a comprehensive suite of services, including editing, design, production, marketing, and distribution. It’s an ideal choice for authors who seek full creative control over their work and are willing to make an upfront investment to ensure their book reaches its full potential. With self-publishing, you retain complete ownership and artistic direction.


Our hybrid-publishing program, on the other hand, is a unique opportunity for authors who are not only passionate about publishing but also committed to making a significant impact with their books. Unlike traditional self-publishing, our hybrid-publishing authors are vetted and selected based on their dedication to the craft of writing and their willingness to actively participate in the marketing and promotion of their work. While authors still maintain intellectual rights and creative control, the upfront investment is reduced, making it accessible to a broader range of writers. This selectivity ensures that our hybrid-publishing titles meet high standards of quality and credibility. It also offers authors the chance to join a community of like-minded writers and gain access to targeted marketing strategies and networking opportunities. Hybrid-publishing with Winn Publications is the ideal choice for authors who are not only invested in publishing but also dedicated to taking their literary journey to new heights.

Traditional Publishing - Book Writing Contests

At Winn Publications, we recognize that the traditional publishing landscape can be challenging to navigate. To provide our authors with desirable publishing options, we also offer traditional publishing opportunities through contests every other year. We host book writing contests. If your book is selected, you could secure a traditional publishing contract and the invaluable support needed to elevate your writing career. This approach allows authors to access the benefits of traditional publishing while leveraging our expertise and industry connections for a chance at literary recognition and success.