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Publishing on Barnes & Noble Press

What I like about Barnes & Noble is that they offer a variety of ways to publish your book. You can publish your book as an e-book, paperback, hardcover, and a hardcover with a dust jacket. Where as CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing only allow you to options of ebook and paperback.

Step One

Once you sign up and create  an account you then can add a new “project”. You will start with the book size and type.

The most common book size is 6X9 .

You will choose:

The interior print color

  • Black and white
  • Standard color
  • Full Premium color

Cover Format

  • Paperback
  • Hardcover
  • Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket

Cover Finish

  • Matte
  • Gloss

Paper color

  • White
  • Cream

Once you have went through and made your selections you will see how much it will cost to print your book. This number is going to be important when it comes to pricing your book. Tip: It’s cheaper to print out a paperback book than a hardcover. Consider the content of your book and be honest with yourself when deciding it’s value to the customer.

Step Two

Then you will upload your manuscript or “Interior File”.  Your manuscript has to be formatted to fit their measurements. Their measurements are based on the size of your book and the number of pages that it will have.

It also tells you that if you have any images on your manuscript that they need be high resolution images (300 DPI or higher). It also goes over the type of fonts that you used and tells you to make sure that if you used a special font to make sure that it is embedded. Check your settings or preferences to make sure that it is.

Step Three

Uploading the cover of your book is really easy in Barnes & Noble compared to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct. B&N allow you to upload the front and back cover separately and they create the spine of your book for you. They also give you the option to upload you cover in a spread format where the front cover, the spine, and the back cover are all together. CreateSpace and Kindle Direct only offer that second options. I would go with the first option if you are designing your own cover.

Step Four

You will then be asked to give details on your book.



Publisher name

Publication Date (If it has been published before)

Edition number

Edition description

Is your book apart of a series

Default book description (2,000 characters)

Long book description (5,00 characters)

Authors and contributors

About the author/s(2,500 characters)

Your target audience

  • Kids
  • Young adults
  • General adults
  • Mature



  • Fiction or Nonfiction

Subcategories ( up to 5)

Keywords (100 characters)

Step Five- Pricing

B&N have a really cool tool that they offer that shows you how much of a profit you will make with the price that you set. At first, they will show you what they think you should price your book at, but you also have the option to change it.

Tip: Something about throwing a 9 on the end of the price is attractive to customers. (ex: $14.99 vs. $15.00)

Step Six – Rights and other information

They will ask you if your book is in the public domain and if a version of this title is currently on sale through another distributor. If it is on sale through another distributor they will ask for the ISBN.

Step Seven

This step can be skipped however if you can get at least 5 reviews this is the place to put them. B&N offers a spot for editorial reviews.

Step Eight

The ISBN number. They ask if you have already purchased an ISBN number of if you’d like a free one. The upside to the free one is that it’s free, however, Barnes & Noble will be listed as your publisher on the book and on their website. When you utilize a purchased ISBN you get to list your publisher. You may purchase your ISBN from Bowkers.  

In the end, it will give you the opportunity to review everything and upload it. Once you do that it will take you to the product page where you can see your published book.


If you are waiting on the editing or the formatting of your interior or cover of your book, go ahead and take care of steps four and eight. Getting those details down ahead of time will be important and thus makes the uploading of your material go faster.

For help with publishing your book on Barnes & Nobel, contact Winn Publications today!

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