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At Winn Publications, I, Miss Winn,  understand the critical role that book presentation plays alongside its content. With a steadfast commitment to the art of book formatting using InDesign, I transform manuscripts into polished, professional, and reader-friendly books. Crafting layout, typography, and design elements, my services ensure your book not only reads well but also dazzles in print and digital formats.

What's included

  • Line Spacing
  • Margins
  • Clickable Table of Content – optional
  • Page Numbers
  • Headers – optional
  • Embedded Fonts
  • Proper Trim Sizing
  • Placing of Maps/Images/Illustrations/ Graphics provided by the Client – optional

What will be delivered

  • PDF- for paperback and hardcover 
  • ePub File OR KPF File (Print Replica) – for ebooks
  • High quality
  • Support and guidance 
  • Discounted promo opportunities with Winn Publications 
  • Unlimited revisions within the term of service (1 month) 

What I require

  • Final proofread and well-edited manuscript
  • Trim size (Book dimensions)
  • Font selection (optional)
  • Book cover (optional)
  • Information regarding what platform you’ll publishing on
  • Book Publishing Deadline/ Dates of any pre-booked author events

Need a Sample?

If you need me to send you a sample of the formatting of your book using 10 pages from of your manuscript contact me. 

What's The Turnaround Time

When will you receive the first look of your formatted manuscript? 

  • For Basic Formatting Packages: 3 days
  • For Standard Formatting Packages: 5 days
  • For Premium Formatting Packages: 7 days

Reasons Why Indie Authors and Publishers Choose Me

When I began offering book formatting services on Fiverr, I quickly gained recognition for delivering exceptional results. As my passion for helping authors flourish grew, I transitioned to working directly with writers to provide personalized and dedicated support.

Here’s what some of my clients had to say about their experience:

  • I pay attention to detail and have the ability to maintain consistency throughout the book
  • I am able to work efficiently under tight deadlines
  • I am knowledgeable about the book printing & publishing process

Join the ranks of satisfied authors who have trusted me to transform their manuscripts into professional publications. Let’s bring your book to life—connect with me today!

What's the process

  1. Select Book Formatting Service: Clients choose the desired book formatting service from our available packages based on their manuscript’s word count.
  2. Sign Agreement and Pay Invoice: Upon selection, clients sign a service agreement outlining the scope of work and pay the invoice for the chosen service.
  3. Submit Materials: Clients send all necessary materials, including the manuscript, cover design (if applicable), preferred trim size, payment confirmation, signed contract, and details of the publishing platform.
  4. Confirmation of Receipt: The clock for the service timeline starts only after I confirm receipt of all materials from the client.
  5. Initial Formatting Delivery: Clients receive the first formatted version of their manuscript within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  6. Revision Period: Clients have the responsibility to review the formatted manuscript promptly. If revisions are needed, clients must provide feedback within 14 days. After revisions are requested, I will make adjustments accordingly.
  7. Ordering Proof Copy (Recommended): It’s recommended (but not required) that clients order a proof copy of their book for final review before publishing.Clients have up to 14 days after receiving the formatted manuscript to upload the book and order a proof copy.
  8. Adjustments After Proofing: If clients find any formatting issues after ordering a proof copy, I will make necessary adjustments free of charge. Note: Any editing-related errors found post-proofing may incur an additional fee.
  9. Closure of Project: After the 14-day period following the initial delivery, I will either make final revisions or close out the project based on client feedback and requirements.

How Can I Help You

Can't Publish Due To Formatting Errors?

Correct Formatting Errors from Previous Formatter – $30 USD

Are you unable to publish your book due to formatting issues from a previous formatter? Don’t worry—I’m here to help!

If you have access to your source file (the original formatted file), I specialize in correcting formatting errors and ensuring your manuscript meets industry standards for publication. Whether it’s inconsistent styles, improper margins, or layout problems, I’ll work diligently to resolve these issues and provide you with a polished manuscript ready for publishing.

Basic Formatting Packages

Book Formatting Up to 20,000 Words- $49 USD

Ideal for novellas, short stories, or beginner authors looking to publish a concise book with a quick turnaround.

Book Formatting 20,001 to 50,000 Words – $98 USD

Perfect for novels, memoirs, or non-fiction books of moderate length, ensuring professional formatting within a reasonable timeframe.

Standard Formatting Packages

Book Formatting 50,001 to 80,000 Words – $137 USD

Tailored for longer novels, comprehensive memoirs, or detailed non-fiction works that require meticulous formatting and attention to detail.

Book Formatting 80,001 to 120,000 Words – $199 USD

Designed for epic novels, academic manuscripts, or extensive non-fiction projects demanding sophisticated formatting and style.

Premium Formatting Package

Book Formatting 120,001+ Words – $269 USD

For multi-volume series, academic theses, or ambitious projects requiring specialized formatting and individualized attention.

Additional Services (Add-Ons):

Format to an Additional Platform – $45 USD

Expand your book’s reach by formatting it for an additional publishing platform. Choose this option if you need your manuscript optimized for a second platform beyond the initial formatting.

eBook Formatting – $50 USD

Enhance your book’s reach with professional eBook formatting. I’ll format your manuscript for digital platforms, optimizing readability and compatibility.

Rush Delivery – $100 USD

Need your formatted manuscript fast? With Rush Delivery, get your first look within 24 hours, ensuring a quick turnaround for urgent projects.

Per Round of Revisions for Editing Mistakes – $20 USD/Each

Spot a post-formatting editing mistake? Add this option for an additional round of revisions focused on correcting editing errors discovered after formatting.

Per Round of Revision for Formatting – $20 USD/ Each

Extend your project’s timeline with an extra 14 days and another round of formatting revisions after project closure, ensuring your book meets your exact specifications.

Upload to a Publishing Platform For You – $50 USD

Let me handle the publishing process for you. I’ll upload your formatted book to one publishing platform of your choice, making your publication journey hassle-free.

Upload to a Publishing Platform With You – $100 USD

Schedule a Zoom session for personalized guidance through the publishing process. I’ll assist you in uploading your book to a publishing platform during our virtual meeting.

Source Files – $10 USD

Need access to the original Adobe InDesign file for your formatted book? Add this option to receive the source file, allowing for future editing or modifications at an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is book formatting, and why is it important?

Book formatting involves the layout and design of your book’s interior pages, including elements like fonts, margins, spacing, and more. It is crucial because it ensures your book appears professional, is easy to read, and meets industry standards, enhancing the overall reader experience.

What types of books do you offer formatting services for?

We offer book formatting services for a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, and more.  We can tailor the design to match the style and content of your book.

Can you create a clickable Table of Contents for e-books?

Yes, we offer the option to include a clickable Table of Contents in e-books. This feature enhances navigation for readers and ensures a seamless digital reading experience.

Do you offer custom formatting to match my book’s theme or genre?

 Yes, our formatting services are highly customizable. We work closely with authors to ensure that the formatting aligns with the theme, genre, and overall aesthetic of the book.

Can you format books in languages other than English?

While our primary focus is on English-language formatting, we can discuss the possibility of formatting books in other languages. Please contact us to inquire about your specific language needs.

Do I need to provide a specific trim size for formatting?

You can either provide a specific trim size for formatting, or we can recommend standard trim sizes based on industry norms. The choice is yours, and we’ll ensure that your book meets the chosen trim size’s requirements.

How do I get started with book formatting services at Winn Publications?

To begin the book formatting process, simply complete the form below. 

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