Book Distribution:The More The Merrier

Book distribution is hardly talked about among the self-publishers that I know. This is really unfortunate because I hear time after time about how someone has published a book, but they aren’t making money- the way that they’d like to. They share how they’ve published their book on Amazon and over the last couple of months have made $30. For some self-published authors, it’s a joy to even get anything, however, it can also be disheartening. I mean as a self-publisher there is so much work to do on your own and to not have much to show for it feels terrible. Friend, let’s avoid this feeling and let’s distribute your book!

Getting Your Book Into Bookstores

  1. Make sure it looks good. First and foremost you must understand that your book needs to look professional from the inside out. Bookstores receive so many submissions that the smallest thing could throw your book out of the running for a spot on their shelf.
  2. Consider your categories. What genre does your book fit in? There are two systems that classify books. There’s the BIASC code and then there are the Amazon categories. In short, the Amazon categories are more specific.
  3. How much is your book? The page count, hardcover or paperback, and the genre all need to be taken into consideration when it comes to determining the price of your book. Some self-published authors make the mistake of overpricing their book. These books are more than likely not going to be sold in stores.
  4. Who’s going to purchase your book? Do you have a following, a brand, an audience? Let’s say you go crazy on book distribution and you get your book into 30 stores across the country, who are the people that are going to purchase that book? While it takes time and even 2 or 3 books to develop an audience, bookstores will want to know if they can make money from your book.

While these are just a few things to consider while you think about book distribution, you may also want to think about purchasing an ISBN and book returns. An ISBN that is registered to you or your publisher is needed. Utilizing a free ISBN will make your efforts of getting into bookstores nearly impossible.

Also where will your book go if they don’t sell out in the bookstores? They need to be able to be returned to your or your publisher.

Get Your Book Into The Winn Publications Online Bookstore

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The More the Merrier

Once you’ve covered the 4 steps that I mentioned above, getting your book into bookstores should be somewhat of a breeze.

I highly recommend that you do a Google search and come up with a list of bookstores that are near you. Then find out their process for getting new books into their store. Then follow that process for each one.

Friend, I promise you if , if you’ve covered those 4 areas mentioned above, book distribution, while a tough job, will pay off in the end.

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