• Advertising/Promo For Authors

    Advertising/Promo For Authors (11)

    Winn Publications LLC offers authors everywhere the opportunity to grow their audience and gain more exposure by putting them in front of our 2,500+ monthly website visitors. We also offer different social media promo opportunities! We get it, you may not have a huge budget to market and promote, that's why we have different price points to cover you.
  • Author Courses

    Author Courses (2)

    Author courses via Winn Pub. Academy is in motion! Offering new courses each month to help authors succeed. We will be teaching you how to do everything from start to publish to marketing. Our biggest issue in the publishing industry is that not enough writers know what they are doing and therefore get discouraged and stop writing. Not our authors! Not the authors that we teach. Enroll in a course…
  • Author Resources

    Author Resources (13)

    Are you an author who is looking to amp up your "system" without having to recreate the wheel? We've created some tools and resources for you. Providing you with checklists, guides, planners, manuals, and everything in between, to help you be successful at writing, self-publishing, social media marketing, and more!
  • Books

    Books (11)

    Add these books to your bookshelf! Some of these authors are authors that Winn Publications has worked with previously. From fiction to nonfiction and poetry, Winn Publications LLC works with an array of artful titles. If you are an author who would like to see your book here, stay tuned. We will be accepting quires to get your book or link to your book soon!
  • Mugs

    Mugs (9)

    Mugs for those of us who like to read and sip. The perfect partner to go with your favorite read is anything that will fit a mug! Winn Publications designs beautiful mugs that affirm, encourage, and inspire its owner. Whether you are a reader, writer, or someone in between, we have a mug designed just for you! These mugs are carefully thought out and designed and reviewed by people just…
  • Notebooks

    Notebooks (6)

    Notebooks designed with you in mind! These notebooks are designed for writers, authors, and our reader friends. Some of the notebooks are inspired by books from our Winning Authors and their titles. Notebooks are a writer's best friend and most writers have more than one. Snag a 150 page lined notebook from Winn Publications to add to the collection!