Engage Checklist


Engage Checklist


Engaging your followers and friends on social media takes more work than what some people lead you to believe. However, with this checklist, you are sure to put in the required work easily without missing a thing.

I highly recommend that you download this checklist before you get ready to engage with others on social media.


The Engage Checklist is taken straight from the Winn Publication’s Toolbox. This checklist will surely help you increase your engagement on your social media accounts.

  1. Get it immediately by printing it out yourself and in the comfort of your home.
  2. Be sure that you select “Fit to Page” and that your settings are on “Landscape” to keep the formatting intact.
  3. 5 pages long

However, I get it. Social media can be a hard task to grasp. Therefore, if it ever becomes just too much for you to do, there is always the option of me doing it for you for FREE for 14 days! Learn more here.


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