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Celebrating Success: A Year of Achievements for Author Lauren Brooks

On July 12, 2023, Winn Publications had the pleasure of publishing Lesedi and the Purple Lotus” by Lauren Brooks. Over the past year, Lauren’s book has touched countless lives and opened doors to numerous opportunities, marking an incredible journey of success and personal growth.

The Journey

Upon its release, Lesedi and the Purple Lotus received an overwhelming positive response. Readers on Goodreads praised its heartfelt narrative and empowering messages. Lauren’s inspiring story caught the attention of several media outlets, leading to features in national publications such as Voyage Miami and Voyage Ohio. In a panel discussion hosted by JT Alexander on The Purpose Conversation, Lauren shared her insights on overcoming adversity and how she was able to push through and publish this profound novel.

Community Engagement

In addition to media appearances, Lauren was invited to speak at her alma mater. She was apart of a panel discussion at The Creating After College Event. Her contribution resonated deeply with students and faculty alike. Lauren’s authentic and motivational speech left a lasting impact on the audience, many of whom expressed their appreciation and admiration.

Upcoming Opportunities

Shared with permission from Lauren.

Looking ahead, Lauren is set to participate in Loganberry Books’ Author Alley in August. This exciting opportunity will allow her to reach an even broader audience and continue her mission.

Personal Growth and Impact

Reflecting on her journey, in a recent Instagram post when she shared her Voyage Miami article, Lauren says, “I’ve been through so much since I’ve begun cosplaying the woman I intend on being by the end of this life. Today I just feel good. And grateful. All the risks paid off.”

Readers have also shared their stories, with one noting, “This book was great. Very educational. I loved how the author was able to articulate the main character and the sky mother. The powers the flower all of that stuff was awesome. I give this book a 5/5 will definitely read again.”

Lauren Brook’s achievements over the past year are a testament to her resilience and dedication. We are thrilled to have been part of her journey and look forward to supporting her in all future endeavors.

Read Lesedi and The Purple Lotus

Join us in celebrating Lauren’s success by picking up a copy of “Lesedi and the Purple Lotus”, following her on social media, and staying tuned for more updates on her inspiring journey.