Dr. Betty Burrus -Wright believes that her life is divinely guided.  She is an agent of social change, a dynamic workshop leader , lecturer, nationally and internationally, a human rights human relations advocate, a role model for lifelong learning. Her motto is to set daily living on a default of positive: Her words have three functions to educate, to inspire and  to heal. Her M&M  is to (Mind, and Mouth)  monitor  what’s  allowed in the mind and evaluate what coming out of the mouth. BBWright has discovered an artful and creative voice in her senior years.  

She is the  author of  three  novels, and one thesis research “ out of wedlock teen pregnancies; among select African-American, grandmother and mother”, and a documentary “what mama didn’t say” a copulation of oral histories regarding veiled messages about sex,  developed curriculums for  “Artistically write and speak aloud”,  a cognitive psychological anti-bully model, “Searchers”  stories of survival from children prostitutes’ a curriculum of preventions and Interventions.

The synopsis of Dr. Betty Burrus-Wright’s  work is summed up in the efforts to illuminate the need to educate parents and children  about basic life issues of sexuality, human rights and prevention from  exploitations.

 The author divides her time among family, private practice, volunteering, presenting, lecturing, writing, reading, and traveling. she currently resides in San Francisco Bay area.

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