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At Winn Publications, we take immense pride in elevating manuscripts to their fullest potential. Our comprehensive editorial services encompass copy editing, developmental editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluation, designed to refine and perfect your work. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, we offer a collaborative and tailored approach to bring your vision to life. Plus, our optional 10-page sample edit ensures you experience the difference our editors can make before committing. Discover the art of storytelling with our expert editorial team, and let your manuscript shine brighter than ever.

Sample Edit

Pricing: $150 USD – 10 pages max

At Winn Publications, we understand the importance of trust and confidence in the editing process. That’s why we offer our Sample Edit Service, a cost-effective way for you to experience the impact of our editing expertise. With this service, we will edit up to 10 pages of your manuscript, allowing you to see firsthand how our editors can enhance your writing. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional Assessment: Our experienced editors will carefully review and edit your manuscript, focusing on grammar, punctuation, clarity, and style.

  • Improved Writing: You’ll receive a marked-up sample that showcases the specific improvements made, demonstrating the potential enhancement of your entire work.

  • Confidence in Quality: The Sample Edit Service is your opportunity to gain confidence in our editing capabilities, ensuring that your manuscript is in capable hands.

  • Informed Decision: Use this sample to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with our full editing services, knowing exactly what to expect.

Take the first step toward elevating your manuscript with our Sample Edit Service. It’s the perfect way to assess the value of professional editing and embark on your publishing journey with assurance.

Manuscript Assessment & Diagnostic Analysis Services

Pricing: $1,500 USD | 30,000- 60,000 word book (additional 0.030 per word for books over 60,000 words)

Not sure where to start with editing? Our Manuscript Assessment & Diagnostic Analysis services offer a comprehensive evaluation to determine the editing needs of your work. We will:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommend the specific editing services required for your project.
  • Offer guidance on how to enhance your manuscript’s overall quality.

Developmental Editing Services

Pricing: $0.048 per word (USD)

For authors looking to take their work to the next level, our developmental editing services provide invaluable guidance and feedback. Our editors will:

  • Evaluate plot structure, character development, and pacing.
  • Offer suggestions for improving story arc and character arcs.
  • Provide in-depth feedback on overall narrative flow.
  • Help you refine your storytelling techniques.

Copy Editing Services

Pricing: $0.045 per word (USD)

Our copy editing services are meticulously crafted to enhance the readability, coherence, and overall quality of your manuscript. Our skilled editors will focus on:

  • Correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Ensuring consistency in style and formatting.
  • Improving sentence structure and clarity.
  • Refining language and tone for a polished finish.

Proofreading Services

Pricing: $0.031 per word (USD)

Our proofreading services are the final touch to ensure your manuscript is error-free and ready for publication. Our meticulous proofreaders will:

  • Correct typographical errors, misspellings, and punctuation mistakes.
  • Verify consistency in formatting and style.
  • Ensure proper citation and referencing formats.
  • Eliminate any lingering grammar or language issues.


1. What types of editing services does Winn Publications offer?
– Answer: Winn Publications offers a comprehensive range of editing services, including copy editing, developmental editing, proofreading, and Manuscript Assessment & Diagnostic Analysis.

2. How do I know which editing service is right for my manuscript?
– Answer: Our Manuscript Assessment & Diagnostic Analysis service can help determine the specific editing needs of your manuscript. Our experts will provide recommendations based on your work’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Can I request a sample edit before committing to a full editing service?
– Answer: Yes, we offer a Sample Edit Service for up to 10 pages of your manuscript. It allows you to experience the quality of our editing before making a decision about a larger project.

4. How long does the editing process typically take?
– Answer:The editing timeline varies depending on the service and the length of your manuscript. We will provide you with a customized timeline as part of the service agreement.

5. What qualifications do your editors possess?
– Answer: Our editors are experienced professionals with expertise in various genres and writing styles. They have a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of grammar and style, and a passion for helping authors improve their work.

6. Will my manuscript be kept confidential during the editing process?
– Answer: Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Your manuscript and personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and our editors adhere to strict confidentiality agreements.

7. Can I communicate with the editor during the editing process?
– Answer: Yes, we encourage open communication between authors and editors. You will have the opportunity to discuss your manuscript’s goals and any specific concerns with your assigned editor.

8. Do you offer editing services for manuscripts in languages other than English?
– Answer:While our primary focus is on English-language editing, we may be able to accommodate editing in other languages. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

9. What are the payment options for editing services?
– Answer: We offer flexible payment options for our editing services. After you submit your inquiry below, you will receive more information about pricing details and payment options.

10. How do I get started with Winn Publications’ editing services?
– Answer: To get started, simply complete the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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