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Farewell to Renaissance Reads: A Journey’s End and New Beginnings

As the digital sun sets on Renaissance Reads, a bittersweet chapter in the world of indie literature comes to a close. It is with a heavy heart but a hopeful spirit that I share the news of my bookstore’s closure. This blog post is a tribute to my journey, a farewell note, and a promise of continued support for indie authors and the literary community.

The Renaissance Reads Mission

Renaissance Reads was born out of a passion for literature and a desire to create a platform for indie authors to sell their books. My mission was clear: to be a retail outlet that not only sold books but also celebrated the diverse voices and stories that make up the indie author community. I aimed to be a beacon for creativity, a marketplace where every author could feel seen and every reader could find a story that spoke to them.

The Struggle and the Decision

Since 2021, the road has been anything but smooth. The challenges faced by Renaissance Reads mirrored the broader struggles of the bookstore industry, compounded by personal issues that took a toll on my health and well-being. Despite my best efforts, sales dwindled, and the stress of pouring time and money into a venture without seeing returns became overwhelming.

The final straw came on June 8, during my last vendor event. The lack of sales during an event that was meant to be a celebration of our community was a stark reminder of the reality I faced. It was then that the difficult decision to close my doors became clear. It was a decision recommended by those closest to me, a decision made with the intention of preserving my health and sanity.

Gratitude and Future Plans

Despite the closure, I am profoundly grateful for the journey. Renaissance Reads connected me with incredible authors and readers, and for that, I am eternally thankful. The closure of the bookstore is not the end of my involvement in the literary world. I am committed to supporting indie authors through publishing books, teaching the business of book publishing, and continuing to write my own stories.

I plan to reconnect with my readers soon, as I have several books I am eager to write. However, as anyone who has experienced stress knows, it can be a formidable barrier to creativity. It saps energy and leads to procrastination, making it difficult to move forward. Closing Renaissance Reads is a step toward clearing my plate and making room for these new ventures.

The Next Steps

In the coming weeks, I will be returning or donating the remaining books in my inventory. My goal is to handle this transition swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that every author and book is treated with the respect and care they deserve.

To my loyal customers, thank you for your support. To the indie authors who trusted Renaissance Reads with your stories, thank you for your courage and creativity. And to everyone who believed in this dream, thank you for being part of the Renaissance Reads family.

As we say goodbye to Renaissance Reads, we look forward to new beginnings. The journey may change, but the love for literature and the support for indie authors will continue. Stay tuned for updates on future projects and ways we can continue to connect and celebrate the world of indie literature together.

PS. The Renaissance Reads Facebook Page and YouTube will stay up for sentimental sake.You can find all the photos there from the past.

With gratitude and hope,

Arilia Winn

CEO of Winn Publications