Normalising diversity in the book publishing industry

Rooted in the beachside community of Melbourne, Florida and rapidly expanding through the United States, Winn Publications is more than a business; we’re a social institution with commitments to making a positive impact in the book publishing community. 

At the core of Winn Publications is a singular purpose – to empower authors from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and succeed in the publishing world. We believe that every writer deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard and their work recognized. By providing comprehensive support, resources, and opportunities, we aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive literary community where all authors can thrive.

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Ways to get involved with us

B2B Collaboration

By becoming a professional collaborator of Winn Publications, you are playing a part in the realization of our purpose: empowering authors from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and succeed in the publishing world.

Start a Book Club

Launch a book club and champion diverse voices, empowering authors to share their stories and thrive in publishing with Winn Publications.

Make a Donation

Make a donation and become a cornerstone in nurturing creativity, empowering authors, and fostering literary diversity with Winn Publications.

Refer a Writer

Earn money for every successful writer that you refer to Winn Publications for book publishing services. It’s easy! You sign up, they drop your name, you get paid, and they get published. 

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If you’re interested in becoming a partner, joining Winn Publications or simply finding out more, please get in touch!


Your support fuels our mission to nurture creativity and empower diverse authors, shaping the future of literature with Winn Publications.

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