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Hybrid Publishing with cultural sensitivity

About this service

What's included:

  • 60% profits and 100% creative control
  • Proofreading (checking for typos)
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Formatting for paperback and ebook
  • ISBN Registration
  • Library of Congress Call Number
  • Winn Publications will publish your book and distribute it beyond Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and will reach other online retailers such as Books-A-Million,, and more
  • Distribution on Renaissance Reads – online bookstore
  • Custom Author Branding and Book Marketing Strategies – 70 page book of strategies tailored to your book, mission and vision
  • 1-on-1 Support & Guidance for 24 Months
  • Term of Service: 1 Year
  • Timeline: Publish in 3 to 8 Months 

What will be delivered:

  • Paperback book or Hardcover book
  • eBook 
  • High quality
  • Support and guidance for term of service 
  • Custom Book Marketing and Branding Strategies ebook
  • Author Interview Questions 
  • Author Interview Featured on Winn Publications Blog and Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine 
  • Ongoing promotion and training opportunities to help you expand beyond the published book

What to submit:

  • Final, well edited manuscript
  • Query Letter or Cover Letter
  • Author Bio (300 words max)
Submit your materials to; Subject: Hybrid Publishing Poetry (or your selection). We do not take submissions by mail. We are open to signing a NDA to demonstrate our trustworthiness.  

About our process

1. Initial Inquiry
Prospective authors visit our website to explore our services, pricing, and requirements. They have the option to contact us for inquiries or schedule a meeting.
2. Consultation (Optional)
Authors seeking clarifications or personalized guidance can use our contact form to ask questions or request a meeting. We provide insights and address their queries, ensuring they understand our publishing approach.
3. Submission
Authors send their written work to us for consideration.
4. Vetting Process
We conduct a thorough review of the submitted work to assess its suitability for our publishing offerings.
5. Formal Offer
Upon completion of the vetting process, we send authors a formal offer letter outlining the terms, conditions, and details of our collaboration.
6. Agreement and Payment Terms
Authors who accept our offer receive a 1-year agreement for self-publishing. Payment plans are available, but please note that the book's publication will only occur once the payment plan is paid off. Authors paying in full within the first month receive a 20% discount.
7. Timeline and Deadlines
Upon manuscript submission, we provide authors with a personalized timeline for the publishing process. For manuscripts with illustrations, we require the illustrations within the first 90 days of signing the agreement.
8. Design and Formatting
Once the offer is accepted and agreements are signed, our team works on designing and formatting the book, ensuring a professional and visually appealing layout.
9. Marketing and Branding Strategy
We create a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy guide for authors, equipping them with tools to effectively promote their book.
10. Publishing and Distribution
We handle the publishing and distribution process, making the book available through various platforms and formats, both digital and physical.
11. Ongoing Support
Throughout the publication and distribution phases, we provide ongoing support to authors, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise.
12. Royalties and Reporting
Authors receive regular updates on book sales and royalties earned, keeping them informed about the performance of their published work.
13. Author Engagement
We encourage authors to engage with their audience through events, signings, and online platforms, fostering a stronger connection with their readers.
14. Continued Collaboration
Our relationship with authors doesn't end with a single book. We offer opportunities for continued collaboration and publishing additional works.
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1. Hybrid Publish most Genres

$3,000 USD / 8 payments of $375

2. Hybrid Publish Poetry

$1,400 USD / 8 payments of $175

3. Hybrid Publish Children's Book

$2,800 USD / 8 payments of $350

4. Hybrid Publish Graphic Novel

$2,800 USD / 8 payments of $350

5. Hybrid Publish Art or Photos

$1,600 USD / 8 payments of $200

6. Hybrid Publish with unique needs

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Complete the form if you would like to schedule a consultation or if you have questions about Hybrid Publishing with Winn Publications.