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Hybrid Publishing Deal

You write and Winn Publications will support you through the rest! 

What's included?

Winn Publications offers self-publishing authors who select this package: 

  • 60% profits and 100% creative control with insight and suggestions from a professional publisher
  • Proofreading (checking for typos). If you needing editing work go [here].
  • Book Cover Design 
  • Book Formatting for paperback and ebook
  • ISBN Registration for two ISBNs 
  • Library of Congress Call Number
  • Winn Publications logo and contact information
  • Winn Publications will walk you through print-on-demand and distributing your book with Kindle Direct Publishing and Ingram Spark
  • We will provide virtual book distribution in Winn Publications bookstore and with our online bookstore brand Renaissance Reads
  • We will create an author page on Winn Publications website 
  • We will host pre-orders to be shipped in the United States from Winn Publications website 
  • We will share your author interview on Winn Publications website
  • We will create author branding and book marketing strategies to help you sell your book and grow your platform as an author 
  • 1-on-1 support throughout the duration of the service 
  • Access to discounted trainings and services 
  • Your book will be apart of our Book Club program 
  • We will share your speaker media kit on Winn Publications website
  • Term of Service: 1 year from the date the book is published
  • Heavy inclusion in Winn Publications marketing campaigns 
  • Timeline: Publish in 2 to 12 Months 

What's Required?

Winn Publications asks for more from our hybrid-publishing authors including the following: 

  • A complete and well-edited manuscript
  • A query letter
  • The first 30 pages of the manuscript
  • Answer to the following question: how many books do you plan to publish in the next 5 years? 

What's The big deal?

Why do authors go this route vs. self-publishing with support? 

On top of the text mentioned above in bold lettering, Winn Publications hybrid-publishing authors choose this route because they want to be apart of a team that grows together. We both have skin the same game. When our authors win, we win too and vice versa. With goals of increasing our impact in the world through storytelling and empowering authors, Winn Publications hybrid-publishing authors align with these goals. Authors who submit their work for hybrid-publishing with Winn Publications usually have read up on our commitments and mission and resonate. Our hybrid-publishing authors also grow with us as in, as Winn Publications adds more opportunities for authors, they are exclusively offered to this group of authors.    

What's our process?

By the time we’re done you will have a published book!

1. Inquire: Authors initiate the process by completing the interest form before sending a query letter via email. Once we have their email, we guide them to the next steps.

2. Follow-Up: We send a response and in some cases schedule a meeting.

3. Meeting & Offer Letter: We conduct a meeting to address author questions, discuss the process, and set expectations. If there is a meeting, once it’s over we send an offer letter, awaiting the author’s acceptance. 

4. Proposal Sent: Upon acceptance of the offer letter, authors receive a proposal containing the invoice, contract, and payment plan.

5. Proposal Signed: Once the proposal is signed, authors receive information on accessing training files and a client portal.

6. Retainer Paid: Authors make their payment, with reminders sent at various intervals before the due date. 

7. Planning: Authors are reminded about training and provide information, including a headshot, author interview, input on synopsis, and a timeline preview.

8. Book Formatting: Book design takes place. Authors input is optional but always prioritized when given.  

9. Proofreading: Both author and publisher proofread the formatted book, providing approval for publishing.

10. Distribution: In most cases, the book is distributed and uploaded to Amazon and Ingram Sparks. In some cases pre-orders are notified, and marketing efforts begin. In other cases books are ordered from the printer for inventory. 

11. Marketing and PR: Marketing intensifies, including contacting author contacts, newsletters, recorded interviews, and email blasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the hybrid publishing deal with Winn Publications include?

Our hybrid publishing package offers authors 60% of profits and complete creative control over their work, with professional insights and suggestions from our experienced publishers. Included services cover proofreading, book cover design, paperback and ebook formatting, ISBN registration for two ISBNs, Library of Congress Call Number, and branding with the Winn Publications logo and contact information.

How will Winn Publications support book distribution and marketing?

We guide authors through print-on-demand and distribution processes with Kindle Direct Publishing and Ingram Spark. Your book will be distributed virtually through Winn Publications and Renaissance Reads bookstores. We also create author pages on our website, host pre-orders, conduct author interviews, and develop tailored marketing strategies to boost book sales and author platforms.

What kind of support and services can authors expect during the publishing process?

Authors receive personalized 1-on-1 support throughout the service period, gain access to discounted trainings and services, and become part of our Book Club program. We also provide heavy inclusion in Winn Publications marketing campaigns to maximize book visibility.

What are the requirements for authors interested in hybrid publishing with Winn Publications?

To qualify for our hybrid publishing program, authors need to submit a complete and well-edited manuscript, along with a query letter and the first 30 pages of their manuscript. Additionally, authors are asked to share their plans for publishing books over the next 5 years.

Why should authors choose hybrid publishing with Winn Publications over self-publishing?

Our hybrid publishing model fosters a collaborative relationship, where authors and Winn Publications share mutual goals of impacting the world through storytelling. Authors benefit from our commitment to their success, exclusive opportunities, and ongoing growth within our platform.