Our Imprints

Winn Publications LLC is the home to 6 other creatively independent publishing imprints and a bookstore. While Winn Publications publishes all genres, our subsidiary imprints specialize in particular genres. Together, our imprints are set to publish numerous digital and print titles annually. Browse our imprints below to learn more about the distinct and diverse voices that make up Winn Publications LLC and help bring to life our authors’ very best work. 

Corporate Services and Businesses

Winn Publications LLC launched in January of 2018 and became an LLC in February 2020. Winn Publications LLC is a small press, the multi-imprint parent company that publishes books with a message that needs to be amplified. Winn Publications publishes books in all genres with imprints that specialize in particular genres. 

Miss Winn is a brand name and the founder and CEO of Winn Publications LLC. Starting in February 2020, and really launching in July 2020, Miss Winn specializes in providing self-publishing assistance and author resources for writers who choose to publish and promote their novels themselves. She’s also an advocate for living a winning lifestyle – a life with a purpose being practiced successfully. Winn Publications LLC and all businesses, brands and imprints stem from her desire to create opportunities for the creative community to amplify their voices, improve their skills, sell their products, and publish their works.  Visit www.misswinn.com for more information. 

W.E. Bookstore launched in  January 2018 as part of Winn Publications first-named Winn Publications online bookstore. More recently the name was changed to W.E. Bookstore after Miss Winn’s late grandfather W.E. Winn. We specialize in providing books and other products to help the reader and both create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in their reading nooks and writing spaces. W.E. Bookstore also supports makers, creators, authors, and artists by creating opportunities for them to amplify their voices, improve their skills, and sell their products. 

Winn Publications Publishing Group

Christian Single Mama originally got started in May 2014 as an online ministry for single mothers who loved the Lord. Pausing for a year and coming back in 2020 as a hybrid publisher who specializes in Christian novels written by single mothers. 

Forty-Five8 launched in September 2020 as a subsidiary of Winn Publications LLC.  Forty-Five8 specializes in publishing and promoting novels under the spiritual and religious categories.

Georgia Poe Lit (GPL) launched in September 2020 as a subsidiary of Winn Publications LLC.  GPL is a hybrid publishing company that specializes in publishing and promoting poetry.

Winn Publications eBook Publishing

Wind Arising (WA) launched in September 2020 as a subsidiary of Winn Publications LLC. WA specialize in publishing and promoting all genres of ebooks. 

Winn Publications Children’s Book

Gia Jeans (GJ) launched in September 2020. GJ specializes in publishing children-friendly content and child authors.