Inspiration – By Mindy Sanders

It drives the passion that burns deep inside of my inspiration, one of the single most important things with writing. The motivation that brings forth knowing that my voice will soon be heard and that my story will be told. It gives a sense of satisfaction knowing that it will have an everlasting influence upon my readers is one of the greatest rewards that one can ever achieve. Based on this factor alone is what gives me the drive and ambition to continue to pursue my writing career. As an aspiring writer, I have gained a considerable amount of inspiration from many great African American artists. These legendary icons were a few of the first to leave a powerful impact in the community, which led to opportunity for many of us today. Throughout the African American diaspora there have been many writers, authors, and poets who have laid the foundation for many great artists today.

 Those who have left an amazing mark in this industry are writers such as Zora Neale Hurston, Alex Haley, Maya Angelou, and W.E.B. Dubois just to name a few. The significant amount of work, effort, and milestones that they crossed allows the artist to share their gifts today. I have found inspiration in them hoping to follow in their footsteps someday. Having high hopes of achieving greatness as they once did. By recognizing the same qualities within myself as they once had was all the inspiration that I needed to set out on my journey. I set my goals and standards high, which would allow me the ability to keep their vision alive, striving to be the best that I can be.

Beginning my writing journey has been a creative outlet that allows me to release my thoughts, feelings, and emotions productively. As a child writing has always been my first love, I can remember just writing poems and short stories saying that one day I would write a book. As everyday life challenges impeded my willpower and focus, obstructing every inch of greatness that I had within myself. Creating mass amounts of tension, pain, and conflict that led to uneasiness and darkness in the soul. I wandered through life aimlessly with no direction or recollection of my life purpose or goals. This destructive path that I was on was the lantern I needed to bring forth the light illuminating the path towards my goals to strengthen me to continue pursuing my writing goals, I enrolled in College with the original intentions of pursuing a degree in business. I soon realized that writing is the one thing that I love to do after I being given my first short essay it hit me like a ton of bricks everything flowed so naturally, shortly after I was given a presentation in which I had chosen Harry Belafonte and the words stuck out like “Artist must use their gifts to enlighten the community”.

Writing is a tool to inspire others as it has inspired me, inspiration is all around even when you feel that you may want to give up or you may feel that you do not feel like writing. Remember, it is always someone that wants to hear your story. As we all have our own inspirations as writers, authors, and poets we must not forget about those that have come before us. 

Mindy Sanders

Mindy is a passionate writer who is making her way into the industry as a freelance writer specializing in blogging, content writing, and articles. Upon the recent effects of COVID-19, Mindy has endured the unfortunate reality of being furloughed from her job. While many would view this unforeseen circumstance as something daunting. Mindy has used this time to pursue her dreams and is now using her gifts and talents to her advantage by doing what fulfills her soul. Mindy has founded her own company Finally Write in March 2020 where she offers virtual services such as administrative tasks, social media management, and writing services to businesses and busy professionals.

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