Karen Jones

Karen Denice Jones was born on March 20, 1964, to Lena Carolyn Walker in Saint Louis, Missouri.

She moved to California in December of 1966 with her grandparents Rev. Lee A. Jones, Sr & Algene Jones.

Member of Community Temple Church for 49 years, she held many positions during the time, worked hard and loved every moment of it.

In 1983, she met Everett Reid and his daughter Shamecca N. Rodriguez whom she loves as her own. In March 1985, she gave birth to my first child Lashae D. Reid and she gave birth to her second child Everett Reid, Jr. years later. She has 7 grandchildren. 

Now retired from County of Orange, Assessor Department of 20 years and chasing her dreams of writing Christian Children’s books.

“I thank God for all that he has done for me. Praying that he will bless the little ones that will be reading my books.” – Karen Jones 

Her Book