Kendéll Lenice

Kendéll Lenice, “The Remix Coach” is a Certified Transformational Life Coach & Healing and Aging Coach, Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host and Podcaster. She is also the mother of two amazing twenty- something daughters, leading the pathway to healing, wholeness and peace. Kendéll’s mission in life is to educate, elevate and entertain people through authenticity, honesty and humor. She’s coined the phrase, “It’s Never Too Late To Remix Your Life” to inspire people to transform their lives at any age, be bold at any stage and weather storm at any phase in life. Kendéll Lenice coaches people to heal purposely, live intentionally and age fearlessly by creating the life they want with what they already have inside of them. She believes everyone is worthy of greatness and her mission is to help people discover it through coaching, clarity and confidence.

Kendéll Lenice is a Colon Cancer Survivor

She resides in Maryland.