Let’s Talk Brand Boards

Many of my clients are taken back when I ask about their brand board. Below is a gallery showing you exactly what a brand board is, take a minute to get familiar with it.

A brand board is one of the basics of marketing. A brand is what you develop. It’s your public identity. It’s how you want to be known to your target market. Therefore, creating a brand board can be useful.

A brand board consists of:

  • The primary colors that you would like to be used in your designs.
  • The font type that you want to be used in all of your text.
  • Your logo
  • Photos for design inspiration

This can be really helpful not only to keep yourself consistent with your image across all platforms, but it can be helpful to give to your website or graphic designer. We’d love to stay in line with your vision and so being able to look at your brand board is key.

In the video below I go into further details about brand boards, have a look and then let me know what you think in the comments.

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