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Winn Publications' organizational culture is made up of three things: Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Winn Publications has defined an organizational culture for Winn Pub. that aligns the staff, volunteers, and authors with what we are and why we are. This organizational culture is the story in which people within Winn Publications are embedded, and the values and rituals that reinforce our narrative. 


Winn Publications’ MISSION is to lead and serve the independent publishing community through innovation, education, and community service. 


Winn Publications’ VISION is a world where every creative writer has access to professional services and knowledge to publish in the way they desire. 

Core Values

Winn Publications CORE VALUES are: 

Service. Committed to leading by example without further agenda reflects an understanding that the priority of excellent leadership, is in serving. 

Teamwork. Committed to fostering long-term, healthy relationships with creatives, businesses, and consumers, not only nationally, but locally. 

Excellence. In an expression of being committed to innovation and going above and beyond the standard features or quality of service and work. 

Diversity. Committed to taking action to represent minorities in the book publishing industry and giving under-served communities a professional platform to share their craft.