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My Kickstarter is Underway!

I have raised $600 in 8 days! I’ll take it. I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the “small” beginnings and I am grateful. I have 22 more days to raise a total of $7,777 in pledges on Kickstarter.

 If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a platform that allows creators to crowdfund their creative projects. This particular campaign lasts 30 days, and when it’s over and my goal is met, I will go into my full production and fulfillment model.

If you’d like to know more about how to make a pledge on Kickstarter, here’s a short overview. 

Kickstarter is a way for me:

  • Connect with my community and ask for the support that I need to continue to serve others
  • Publish something special just for you AND include you in the book
  • Give you an opportunity to be a part of helping me live my dreams and therefore continue making the dreams of others come true too

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of becoming a published author. Never did I ever think I would become an Author-Publisher, but here I am and four years deep into it! 

I am proudly a part of the 4% of African Americans in the book publishing industry who own a hybrid-publishing company that publishes books by community leaders and gets them into the hands of readers everywhere. 

In the last four years:

  • I’ve had the opportunity to publish over 30  books and make 23 authors’ publishing dreams come true via Winn Publications 
  • I’ve given 43 authors a chance to share their work via the Spotify podcast, The Author’s Spotlight, and over 20 authors via my show on Instagram Live, Book-N-It: Author Interview, and Game Show 
  • I’ve established an online bookstore, W.E.Bookstore Online, of 42 books and counting that stocks books written by indie authors, giving the millions of self-publishing authors a retail outlet that caters to them and connects them with readers.
  • As a part of my bookstore, I’ve held several virtual events and 4 in-person events called the Sunshine Handmade Market all over Southern California and have given close to 60 local vendors the opportunity to sell their work and connect with their neighbors. 
  • As the owner of a social institution with core values that include creating healthy long-term relationships, I have served 4 community organizations and their populations by volunteering time and donating services, and money.
  • I’ve also had the chance to be featured in 6 different magazines/ online news journals and in some cases alongside authors I’ve published 

I couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ve been able to do so much with minimal help and for that I am grateful! 

I can’t say thank you enough. Did you know that word of mouth has been my biggest lead generator followed by social media? Thank you! You are AMAZING! 

I have been soo inspired to write and publish a book of poems titled “Gratitude Poetry: thank you poems”.  It is my way of saying thank you ( and maybe even helping you say thank you to those you appreciate) that will be released later this year.

Should I reach my goal of $7,777 certain backers will have a page in the book!  Should I reach my stretch goal, I’ll be including more “goodies” in your good bags. 

Yes, I want you to think of this Kickstarter as a party!! Let’s have some fun!  


HIRING HELP. I’ve held every position at Winn Publications and now have come to a place where I have so much work that it’s time to hire others and bring on some help in order to serve more authors AND create jobs in the book publishing industry. 

SERVING MORE.  I am seeking to publish 30 books, serve 100 authors, sell 100,000 books, partner with 20 organizations, and host 8 in-person events.  I cannot possibly do this alone.  By launching this Kickstarter Campaign AND being successfully funded, I am more likely to accomplish these goals. 

CONTINUE THE WINNING LEGACY.  Times have been really hard for everyone these last two years including me. I’ve gone from being able to support my business with a full-time job to run it on the side, to struggling to make a profit so that I can survive. Many times I’ve wanted to give up because of a lack of resources and this is my first time asking for help. 

Say you’ll support me. 

 Say you’ll help me continue.

I recognize that we are still in a pandemic, many people are struggling and so I want to make sure that you get something in return for your support.  I have created seven pledge tiers so you can get involved with the campaign at whatever tier you’re most comfortable with. 

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