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New Anthology Opportunities for Writers & Artists

Empowering the Creative Community: Two Exciting Anthology Opportunities from Winn Publications

Winn Publications stands out for its commitment to empowering creative expression. We believe that every story matters and deserves to be shared. Our goal is to provide aspiring authors and artists with the support they need to bring their work to life. In line with this pursuit, we are excited to announce two upcoming anthology opportunities that are now accepting submissions until August 31.

Unveiled Transparency: Battle Scars Unleashed Vol 3 – Deception

“Unveiled Transparency: Battle Scars Unleashed Vol 3 – Deception” is an upcoming anthology that invites writers to share their personal stories of deception. This anthology aims to create a powerful and resonant collection of narratives that explore the theme of deception in all its forms. We are currently seeking eight (8) talented writers to contribute their short stories to this anthology. Submissions are open until August 31 or until all spots are filled.

If you have a compelling story to tell and want to be part of this unique project, submit your work today and join our literary team at Winn Publications. This anthology is free to enter, and if your submission is accepted, $375 USD will be due (payment plans are available).

Spectrum: A Collection of Poetry, Stories, and Art

“Spectrum” is our latest anthology project, designed to showcase the beauty of creative expressions. This collection will feature a blend of poetry, short stories, and visual art, creating a platform for artists and writers to share their unique perspectives and creativity. We welcome submissions from all genres and styles, encouraging contributors to let their imaginations run wild and their voices be heard.

“Spectrum” is $10 to enter, and only nine authors, we refer to them as Sponsored Authors, will be featured in the book. If selected, Sponsored Authors will pay an additional $488. This anthology is a celebration of diverse talents and perspectives, and we encourage the creative community to submit their work as soon as possible.

Collaborate with Winn Publications

We are also extending an invitation to those who are part of a writer’s community that would like to collaborate with Winn Publications on an anthology. If you have an idea for an anthology and are looking for a partner to bring it to life, contact us here immediately. We host anthologies all year long and are open to new and innovative concepts. All you have to do is pitch your idea, and we’ll go from there.

At Winn Publications, we are dedicated to fostering collaboration and providing opportunities for creative expression. We look forward to reading your submissions and potentially working together on future projects.