New on YouTube: Books 4 Authors – Which one is the best for you?

In this video, I go over three books that I have published for indie authors. The first book: “Six Steps To Self-Publishing: A Book Publishing Process” is more so for beginners. It’s an ebook that can be downloaded right after you complete your purchase.

Use this link: The second book, “Self-publishing 101” is a paperback workbook for authors who are also beginners and need some guidance through self-publishing process. It’s also a great resource for seasoned authors who need a refresher or some new ideas about self-publishing.

Use the link here to purchase: Finally the third book, “The Sel-Publishing Roadmap” has it all! It includes information about funding your book publishing efforts to the book publishing process and marketing and sales. The road map is for authors of all levels who are curious about how to make money from their books.

Use the link here to purchase: Also, one of the biggest excuses that I get from indie authors is not being able to afford self-publishing services. Listen, that excuse does not fly with me.

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