Alana Moore

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My name is Alana Moore, I have obtained my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and currently hold a certification as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. God blessed me with the gift of being an encourager, I am a strengths-based person that desires to help people see the very best in themselves. I utilize my platforms to do just that. As a God-fearing woman, mother and counselor I will always strive to shed light on things that are dear to my heart. 

Cleve Bush


Cleveland Bush III,  born November 20, 1973 in a Suburban Town of Chicago, Illinois called Robbins. He is the son of Blondell Weaver and The Late Cleveland Bush Jr. He has two siblings. Grew up in Chicago and North Augusta, South Carolina. Permanently  relocating to South Carolina in 1990, Cleveland  graduated from North Augusta High School in 1992. He is a Veteran of the UNITED States Navy. A twenty(20) Year survivor of Mass Incarceration, where he learned the valuable art of survival through faith. He is a powerful and skilled orator, blogger, author and entrepreneur. Currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina and works as a winding Technician in the Fiberglass industry. Considered to be a loving and devoted husband, awesome brother and a loyal and honest friend

My name is Alana Moore, I have obtained my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and currently hold a certification as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. God blessed me with the gift of being an encourager, I am a strengths-based person that desires to help people see the very best in themselves. I utilize my platforms to do just that. As a God-fearing woman, mother and counselor I will always strive to shed light on things that are dear to my heart. 



A visionary, an ordained minister, musician, husband and father of two! He is gifted with the ability to express God through writing, speaking, and art! He started rapping at the age of 14 on a tape cassette sitting on his bed, and now that he has released two full length albums, “The Experience” and “Waves” (both are now available on all streaming platforms) and it doesn’t stop there! He is also the host and creator of the 5 star rated podcast “Visionaries Only” while also co-hosting the “Flip the Switch” podcast . His hope is that people are  inspired to take action for God!  He is also the founder of the R.T.C. (Revolutionize the culture) ministry and teaches a Life training class in Hawthorne, California. If you are available it would be a great benefit for you to come and sit in! This class has everything you need to be equipped for kingdom living! Like what you read so far? Then look him up and don’t be afraid to say hello! I guarantee his message will bring you back to God and change your life! 

Fabrienne Trebizo


Memoir: All Of Us (in Spanish)

Fabrienne “Fabs” Trebizo was born on August 29, 1977.  She has written a manuscript about her childhood and how she was able to break the cycle. In the manuscript, she talks about how she was able to deal with obstacles that some never overcome. Suffering from a heroin-addicted father who tremendously abused her mother, Fabs witnessed this abuse as if it was an everyday routine. However, because of her circumstances she suffered so much pain and agony and tried to commit suicide. Her turning point was when she acknowledged that her life wasn’t going anywhere and she was suffering deep inside. For the love of her children, she decided to leave her old self, the Fabs that she was accustomed to, and broke the cycle!

Faith D. Toran

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Faith D. Toran is a poet and novelist. Among her honors and awards are fellowships from the Margaret Gada Sloesberg Foundation and The Walton/UNCF Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship. A graduate of the American University of Paris, class of 2018, she received a Master’s of Arts in Global Communications (Development track). In 2013, she received her Bachelors in Political Science from Spelman College, and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served in Burkina Faso and Guinea, West Africa.

Frank Fisher

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Author Frank Chisum Fisher II , writer of the book “Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight Effectively And For Good”, lost about 100 pounds between 2011 and 2019. When he’s not at work or working out, he’s working on his vehicle, playing guitar, fishing, hunting, or camping. 

Graduating from Universal Technical Institute in Houston Texas where he got an associate degree in general knowledge. Frank studied Automotive, Diesel and Industrial. After graduating, he worked as an automotive and diesel Technician for Ford Motor company for 13 years. Then he worked for New Holland of Abilene for 1 year on heavy equipment and tractors. After two years he worked at Abilene Truck Center as a Technician and then Service Manager. He truly enjoys vehicle repair. 

With hopes to continue to help people find their happiness – whatever that maybe for them personally- he hopes to assist. Whether it be through weight loss, muscle gain, feeling healthier, or just being happy with who they are. 

Frank hopes that you will take the knowledge shared in this book and be inspired to ride a motorcycle.  Frank lives in West Central Texas in Abilene.  

Frank Chatmon

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Frank D. Chatmon was called to the ministry at the age of eighteen He answered his call at twenty-one years of age. While in school Frank’s favorite subject was English which came in handy when he entered the ministry. With his passion for writing it has catapulted him into a love for creative writing such as love and romantic poetry. His ambition is to become a prolific literary author and writer of prophetic prose inspirational scribing and love stories. His prayer is that his writing will cheer the hearts of everyone who reads. 

K. Sharonne

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Hello Everyone! I am Sharronne McNeil. I also write under the pen name is K. Sharronne. I am a Christian Contemporary Author and Poet. Currently, I have three books published: Beauty for Ashes: Cora’s Story, I Dreamt of Love- Poetry Collection, and Give Me A Reason to Love: Poetic Thoughts. Since a child, I loved to write and my passion has continued through my current writings. My favorite form of writing is poetry. I write poetry almost daily.

My latest novel, Beauty for Ashes: Cora, falls under the genre of Urban Christian fiction and Women’s Christian fiction. I like to tackle issues that show the true transformative power of developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of my stories are not easy to read but I always want to show in the story that God’s love and salvation can change the outcome of your life. My motto is ‘Be inspired by Words’.

Karen Jones

Hybrid Publishing

I, Karen Denice Jones, was born on March 20, 1964, to Lena Carolyn Walker in Saint Louis, Missouri. I moved to California in December of 1966, with my grandparents Rev. Lee A. Jones, Sr & Algene Jones. We lived at 510 S. Spruce in Santa Ana. I have two sisters Erika M. Gholar and Francis A. Gholar, three brothers Kathen C. Gholar (who is deceased) James Gholar, Jr., and Michael J. Gholar.

I attended Lincoln Elementary kindergarten through fifth grade, Spurgeon Intermediate 6th through 7th grade, McFadden Intermediate 8th grade where I ran track and held a record for 10 years last but not least Santa Ana Valley High 9th through 12th grade. I ran track and played basketball. On the drill team where I was awarded in 1981 “MISS PERSONALITY” by our drill team coach Sharron Patterson. I graduated in the class of 1982.

Retired from County of Orange, Assessor Department of 20 years. Now just chasing my dreams of writing Christian Children books. I thank God for all that he has done for me. Praying that he will bless the little ones that will be reading my books.


Kendell Lenice

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Kendéll Lenice is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host and Podcaster. She is also the mother of two amazing twenty-something daughters, who she hopes to lead the pathway to healing, wholeness and peace. 

Kendéll’s mission in life is to educate, elevate and entertain people through authenticity, honesty and humor. She’s coined the phrase, “It’s Never Too Late To Remix You Life” to inspire people to transform their lives, creating the life they want with what they already have inside of them. She believes everyone is worthy of greatness.

 Kendéll Lenice is a cheerleader for the underdog and an advocate for the betterment of all, including herself. “At any age stage or phase, you can remix your life! It’s not just a phase, it’s sometimes a matter of life and death.” Kendéll Lenice currently resides in Maryland.

Kelly Sweet


Kelly Sweet is a multifaceted master life coach, speaker, writer, poet, and singer helping people to heal their hearts, master self-confidence, and pursue their dreams for a divine purpose. As the creator of the holistic coaching model(HOLCM) with a background in ministry and communication, she uses her gifts to ignite lasting change in the world.

Stephanie Ellison


Stephanie Ellison lives happily with her husband and children in Abilene, Texas. She is passionate about writing, singing, dreaming and helping others in need. Her favorite hobbies include bicycling (to think about life), engaging in deep conversation, photography and exploring new ideas of any kind. Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Human Development and serves her community as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and as a Positive Behavior Support Liaison with the local school district. She is kindness and sunshine.

Grace Powell

Traditional Publishing


Grace A. Powell is a native of Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up in church, she developed a strong spiritual sense and love of God. She became a leader in the church at an early age and grew very active in music and youth groups. Grace graduated from Central High School and later from colleges Indiana Wesleyan University and Full Sail University.

Grace worked in the corporate world for several years but always found herself writing as inspiration struck. She wrote her first book as a child in third grade entitled the Beautiful Butterfly. Her first published book is entitled 31 Inspirations by Grace. It can be found on 

Now, Grace is a proud mother and working to create a legacy for her family through her content and business ventures. Grace is excited about the future and looking forward to serving and inspiring those she’s called to.

Destiny Walker

Hybrid Publishing

Children's Book: Blended Up - Coming Fall 2021

Destiny grew up in Sunny Southern CA with her mom and stepfather. She has three half brothers on her moms side, and three step siblings on her stepfathers side. Her household was not shy of noise or adventure nor was Destiny unacquainted with trauma at a very early age. She was born to a teen mom and her father was incarcerated just two days before her very first Christmas. Her early childhood memories consisted of visiting her father in prison and tearing up every-time she had to leave her biological father’s side. 

After Destiny graduated high school she went on to pursue her bachelor’s degree at Clark Atlanta University with a minor in Spanish.  During her college journey is where her love for creative writing was nurtured and her passion to help others expanded. Destiny has traveled to various countries in Latin America learning the Spanish language and pursuing missionary work. She always desired to help others find resources, and loves to inspire others in her creative gifts in writing. Last year, Destiny self published her first book and also co-founded her nonprofit entitled, “My Selfie Movement.”

Cindy Mims


Children's Book: CHASE THAT PUPPY - COMING Fall OF 2021

Duane Fitzpatrick

Hybrid Publishing

Memior: The Story of the forgotten Crip - Coming Fall of 2021

Roger T. Winn


Fiction: Without Words - Coming Fall of 2021