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Our Social Impact

Winn Publications - a social institution with commitments to the Creative Community

Our Commitments

Small Business With a Big Heart

As a part of our mission to give back to our community, we partner with other small businesses, as well as independent contractors, freelancers, creators, makers, artists and authors. In line with our imprint, Miss Winn, we create opportunities for all kinds of small creative persons to amplify their voices, sell books, improve their skills, publish their works and bring their creative visions from dreams into a reality. 

Support Survivors

Through leading expressive writing programs that are customized for each nonprofit organization, corporation, or small business, we are on a mission to help survivors and  share their story, heal, and possibly publish a book.  

Joy of Reading & Writing

Partnering with schools and teachers who believe in the power of reading, writing and comprehension and making it fun by using our imaginations to create a short story.  We provide customized programs to get your students excited to read by teaching them the history of storytelling and then we practice it! We also look for opportunities to get books published by our self-published authors into your library.  

Partner With Winn Publications

If any of those commitments happen to also be a commitment of yours, let’s put our heads together and brainstorms way we can partner with each other. Winn Publications and our imprints believe we are better together and that’s on all aspects. Email Arilia at We usually partner with event venue managers, authors, nonprofits, schools / colleges and youth programs. 

If you aren’t our usual partner, we would love to hear from you as well. Thank you!