Advertising/Promo For Authors

Winn Publications LLC offers authors everywhere the opportunity to grow their audience and gain more exposure by putting them in front of our 2,500+ monthly website visitors. We also offer different social media promo opportunities! We get it, you may not have a huge budget to market and promote, that’s why we have different price points to cover you.

  • Banner Ad – Below The Fold Quick View
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      Banner Ad – Below The Fold Quick View
    • Banner Ad – Below The Fold
    • $20.00 $10.00
    • Have your ad featured on Winn Publications' website. Create an ad that is 336x280 pixels jpeg. After we receive your payment, you will receive an email - please respond with your ad. After we receive your ad, the Staff will respond with when your ad will appear and when it will end. These ads are run for 14 days.
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