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Ask Me About My Book Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Tea Cup for Office and Home, 11 Oz, Dishwasher Safe


Brand: Winn Publications

Color: White

Style: Minimalist

Recommended Uses for Product: Home

Materials: Ceramic

Occasion: Home

Item Weight: 11 oz

SKU: askmeaboutmybookcoffeemug Categories: ,

Elevate Your Style with a Distinctive Author’s Accessory

In a world saturated with ordinary coffee mugs, why not let your individuality shine through with a distinctive and thought-provoking accessory? The “Ask Me About My Book” Coffee Mug is the perfect avenue to express your unique personality while relishing your preferred hot beverage. Its one-of-a-kind design sets it apart from conventional mugs, making it a remarkable piece that sparks curiosity and admiration.

About This Item

The sleek and ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the reading experience. The mug’s smooth finish enhances the tactile pleasure of holding it, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your morning routine or cozy reading sessions. Whether you’re engrossed in a thrilling mystery novel or exploring the depths of an inspiring autobiography, this mug becomes an extension of your literary journey.

This coffee mug serves not only as a stylish accessory but also as a perfect gift for fellow independent authors in your life. Imagine the joy on their faces as they unwrap this unique and personalized present. It presents an opportunity to share your love for literature, stimulate intellectual conversations, and forge deeper connections with friends, family, and even strangers who share the same passion for books.

Product Information 

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 3.15 × 3.74 × 3.15 cm


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