Baked: 39 Recipes For Cannabis Cookies



Welcome to the world of “Baked: 39 Recipes For Cannabis Cookies”! Here, Swan Stevenson, the mastermind behind Sweet & Sativa, dishes out a batch of 39 mouthwatering cookie recipes that’ll take your baking game to new heights – literally!

This cookbook isn’t just about baking; it’s a wild celebration of all things cannabis, cookies, and the pure joy they bring. Stevenson’s whipped up goodies ranging from classic chocolate chip to funky fruit-infused delights, all with that extra special green kick.

“Baked” keeps things as easy as pie (or should we say, cookie?). With simple recipes and a sprinkle of humor, it’s perfect for anyone, whether you’re a baking newbie or a seasoned pro. You’ll breeze through these recipes faster than you can say, “Pass the milk!”

And don’t worry – Stevenson’s got your back with a section on must-have cooking tools. From mixing bowls to spatulas, she’s covered all bases so you can focus on getting baked…uh, we mean baking!

Oh, and did we mention the stories? Yep, nestled among the recipes are hilarious tales of people’s adventures while munching on these magical cookies. So get ready to bake, laugh, and munch your way to cookie paradise with “Baked: 39 Recipes For Cannabis Cookies”.