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Dedicated to Being God’s Visionary By DeandreOfficial


Vision is the ability to plan the future with imagination and wisdom! The dedication to your future will unlock gratitude in your current circumstances and a peace from God that surpasses all understanding! Do you want to hear a story? Ok. Quick testimony! I was planning on writing this book throughout the course of a week and on the first day, my grandmother died.

This almost stopped me! But God spoke to me more in the week of her death, then he had ever spoken! And he revealed to me that people’s hardships are what gives them a lack of vision, and a lack a vision keeps people from being everything he created them to be! This book articulates my heart, for the broken, the depressed, and those who know that there is a version of themselves that’s waiting to break free and bring value to the world! I’m excited for you because I know the spirit of God will hit your home and your community after you become dedicated to being God’s visionary!

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