Good Night Mother Earth By Jennifer Gee



Finally, an easy-to-read and beautiful book to share with your little one. “Good Night Mother Earth” shows simple techniques to exchange energy with Mother Earth to help make bedtime much more peaceful and pleasant.

If you have ever been through a sleep regression, if bedtime is usually a struggle, or if you are transitioning your little one to sleeping on their own, the emotional turmoil that you endure can be intense. It hurts physically, emotionally, and spiritually for both parents and children.

“Good Night Mother Earth” highlights the belief that we are powerful beings. Mother Earth is our powerful guardian. Together with intention and an understanding of simple techniques, the excited energy that disrupts a peaceful bedtime can be exchanged for a quieter energy that allows your little one’s growing mind to slow down and drift off to sleep.

Can you imagine being a little one, learning all the new things, and then suddenly it’s time to turn off? It must be difficult. However, the journey to sleep should be effortless and desired, and that is what this book will help you achieve.

Jennifer Gee, the author of this bedtime routine must have, shares that she too is a mom who has a child who has struggled with bedtime for weeks on end several times. They broke that cycle with these simple, gentle techniques.

By focusing on your energy and asking Mother Earth to help ground you and exchange energy with you, you will create a bedtime routine that is rooted in health and wellness. This new routine will build a foundation that you and your little one will benefit from well into the later years of life.