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Gratitude Poetry: Thank you poems

Category: Poetry



About "Gratitude Poetry: Thank you Poems"

Author and Publisher at Winn Publications LLC, Arilia J. Winn releases “Gratitude Poetry: Thank You Poems” during her fourth year of business. Claiming word of mouth and Instagram as her top lead generation, after publishing 30 books as a solopreneur before seeking help, she releases this book to say thank you to those who have shown her so much love this far.

Making sure that the receiver of the poem feels appreciated in a way that makes them smile, Author Arilia Winn has grouped the poetry into sections based on Gary Chapmans, “The 5 Love Languages.”

What’s your loved one’s primary “love language”? Memorize a short poem from “Gratitude Poetry” and recite it to express your gratitude today! Don’t wait, tomorrow could be too late.