In the Beginning

Category: Short Stories, Social Issues


“In the Beginning,” a compelling short story that gets into the intricate journey of Paula, a college student struggling with the complexities of her emotions, relationships, and faith.

Paula’s life takes an unexpected turn after an intimate betrayal, leading her into a realm of promiscuity until she encounters Alexander, a charming yet deceptive figure who sends her spiraling into a perilous path. This gripping narrative explores sensitive topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and the dark side of religious beliefs.

Uncover the vivid prose and poetic elements that comprise “In the Beginning,” a short story that offers a unique perspective on these challenging issues. Brace yourself for a narrative that refuses to shy away from the harsh realities, as experienced and studied by the author, Arilia J. Winn who now advocates for trauma survivors like herself.

While “In the Beginning” draws inspiration from real-life experiences, any resemblance to actual individuals is purely coincidental. Categorized as fiction, this story is crafted to entertain, leaving readers eagerly anticipating how Paula will navigate the turbulent waters that surround her. Join us on this thought-provoking journey that goes beyond the author, inviting you to explore the depths of a story that demands attention and reflection.


Amazon Kindle Ebook:  $4.99

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Pages: 27 pages

ISBN 10: 1734950773

ISBN 13: 978-1734950779