Journaling for a Purpose Trilogy: Goals, Love, Prayer By Kendéll Lenice


About "Journaling for a Purpose Trilogy: Goals, Love, Prayer"

There is power in purposeful journaling with Kendéll Lenice’s  ‘Journaling for a Purpose Trilogy: Goals, Love, Prayer.’ This extraordinary bundle includes three unique journals that will inspire, guide, and transform your life.

Goals Journal: This journal is your pathway to success. Set and achieve your dreams, track your progress, and celebrate your victories. With the ‘Goals Journal,’ you’ll embody the power of goal-setting to reach new heights in your personal and professional life.

Love Me: Self Love and Healing Journal: Self-love is the cornerstone of well-being. Dive into the pages of this journal to nurture your inner self, heal past wounds, and foster self-acceptance. Love yourself fully and embrace the journey to self-discovery and healing.

Tell It To God – Daily Journal:Strengthen your spiritual connection through daily reflections and conversations with the divine. This journal provides a sacred space to communicate with God, find solace, and seek guidance. Start or end your day with the ‘Tell It To God – Daily Journal’ to experience a deeper connection with your faith.

The benefits of this trilogy are manifold:

  1. Save Money: By acquiring this bundle, you save on purchasing each journal individually.
  2. Continuous Growth: As you complete one journal, the next awaits you. This seamless progression allows you to continuously learn, heal, and evolve.
  3. Self-Discovery: Explore the depths of your own being and discover your true potential.
  4. Spiritual Connection:Deepen your connection with God and find spiritual fulfillment.
  5. Goal Achievement: Set, track, and achieve your goals with the structured guidance provided in these journals.

Whether you seek personal growth, self-love, spiritual connection, or the achievement of your goals, our ‘Journaling for a Purpose Trilogy’ is your companion on this transformative journey. Dive into the trilogy today and embark on a path to greater self-awareness, purpose, and fulfillment.

ABOUT Kendéll Lenice

Kendéll Lenice, “The Remix Coach” is a Certified Transformational Life Coach & Healing and Aging Coach, Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host and Podcaster. She is also the mother of two amazing twenty- something daughters, leading the pathway to healing, wholeness and peace. Kendéll’s mission in life is to educate, elevate and entertain people through authenticity, honesty and humor. 

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Release Date: October 22

Journals: 3

Available exclusively from Winn Publications

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