Mommy Said By Barbara Evans


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“Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. That’s what the good book says,” Tina mumbled, but in her mind vengeance was hers and it was almost repaid.

Tina Robinson is a beautiful, ambitious, successful business woman. She has it all; a loving husband by her side, a perfect little girl and living life in a beautiful house of her dreams. Then in one night, in a twinkling of an eye, everything changes. An accident happens leaving Tina separated from life and in a coma for ten years.

Unable to cope with his wife’s condition, Tony moves away leaving his young daughter Macy in the care of family who should have protected her, but who instead, introduce her to a world of abuse. Macy grows up to be a very trouble young woman who seemingly commits suicide one year before her mother miraculously comes out of the coma.

Tina suffers minimal brain impairment and fully recovers in four years with the help of a very handsome doctor with whom she falls in love. She is finally at a good place in her life, then she accidently discovers two hidden diaries written by her beloved Macy.

Tina finds out the shocking events that led to her daughter’s demise and she becomes a different woman; a woman on a mission to get revenge on all whom she holds responsible.

With her thirst for revenge, Tina no longer recognizes the image that stares back at her in the mirror but will that familiar voice of what “Mommy Said” be enough to sway her to do the right thing. Only time will tell.