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PRE-ORDER: Ms. Fox Teaches Kindness: A Friendship Coloring Book For Young Creatives By Gia Winn

Category: Children's Coloring Book

About Ms. Fox Teaches Kindness: A Story About friendship

Ms. Fox Teaches Kindness! is a friendship coloring book for young creatives. Co-created by daughter and mom, author, and artist Gia Winn and Arilia Winn, this coloring book features a fun and wise fox and her bunny rabbit students. Kids ages 5 and up will love coloring this fun, inspirational book.

Expressing kindness to our friends through respect and care is the focal point of this coloring book. But it’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves furry animals!

Over the last 3 years in elementary school, Gia Winn has received the kindness award while sharpening her skills in art. She’s learned that even at 8 years old she can inspire her peers to be kind and use their creative skills to bring a smile to others and to express themselves.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 42 pages of kindness and friendship symbols
  • A short story in the first few pages, followed by designs on one part and inspirational quotes on the other
  • Super fun artwork to color for kids ages.5 and up, including foxes, bunnies, deer, birds, and flowers


Gia Winn, 8, of West Central Texas will be sharing her book “Mrs. Fox Teaches Kindness: A Story About Friendship” at the Sunshine Children’s Art & Literature Market on November 19,2022! 

With the intentions of inspiring other creative children and families, both Gia and her mom, Arilia Winn will be talking about the state of the creative family after Gia reads her book to the guests. 

Gia has been painting since she was 2 years old. Just this past summer she’s been earning money to support her painting habits by dog sitting for local families.

With hopes and dreams of having her art featured in galleries and eventually becoming a fashion artist, Gia has a bright future in the Creative Community. 


Release Date: To be announced

Pages:  TBA


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