Searchers: Brave A Thousand Deaths By BB Wright

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This writer has gently and precisely probed the often-complex lives and stories of prostitutes whose behaviors are often viewed as aberrations or as antisocial, immoral behaviors, yet the focus of this book is on survival.

These prostitutes are searching for acceptance, love, healing, a feeling of self-actualization, tools for managing abstinence, and maintaining day-to-day sustainability from the vicissitudes associated with the sale of human bodies, violence, and drugs.

Five adults recounted their experiences of being prostitutes in their childhood and their struggle to survive. They hope to share in the bounty of justice, access, privilege, and prosperity.

ABOUT DR. Betty Burrus Wright

Dr. Betty Burrus­‐Wright is a licensed clinical psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, and works with individuals and families as she continues her human rights and social justice advocacy.

Dr. Burrus-Wright’s work on sexual literacy stemmed from a combination of experiences that include narrowly escaping an unexpected prostitution ring in her early teen years, to working as a child protective services advocate during her time at San Francisco State. As a child in Richmond, CA she often observed sexual taboos like incest, molestation, youth pregnancy, and even sexual indiscretions at the local church that catalyzed her curiosity mostly because no one spoke of it.

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