Shattered American Dream By Anta Gueye- James



Shattered American Dream, a tale of heartbreak, is based on the author’s true story as a young African girl enamored with the land of freedom and opportunity, the United States of America. It recounts the journey from falling in love with America to ignoring all the red flags about her. After overcoming every obstacle to join her and then landing there, the author discovers that she was a mirage of illusions.

While the journey included positive learnings and valuable experiences, it didn’t come without disappointment. Realizing there was a huge dichotomy between the America that was projected and the one that most black and brown people navigate daily, the author discovered America is rooted in white supremacy and institutional racism.

Offering an opportunity for readers who are interested in cultural competency and antiracism, Gueye-James shares what it’s like to navigate White American spaces as an immigrant or Global Majority member, suddenly minoritized.

In Shattered American Dream, Anta Gueye-James warns the youth who have dreams of coming to America and offers a real look at the USA. Debunking long held myths, she commits to honoring the experience and journey of Black Americans whose lives have been negatively portrayed. The truth is that Black Americans’ own country does not value their lives as they deserve.

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Paperback, Kindle