Zen Highs: Mindful Coloring By Swan Stevenson



Embrace the Art of Relaxation with 42 Mesmerizing Coloring Pages

About the Book: “Zen Highs: Mindful Coloring” is an high level journey into the serene world of mindfulness and cannabis culture, beautifully crafted by the talented Swan Stevenson. This debut coloring book is a homage to the art of relaxation, blending the therapeutic qualities of coloring with the blissful essence of cannabis.

Coloring Book Features:

  • 42 Unique Coloring Pages: Delicately designed with a subtle nod to the iconic 420 culture, each page offers a unique canvas to ignite your creativity and soothe your mind.
  • Sativa Inspirations: Inspired by Swan’s favorite cannabis strain, Sativa, these illustrations are lively, uplifting, and designed to energize your coloring experience.
  • Themes of Mindfulness: Dive into a diverse array of scenes, from tranquil cannabis gardens to whimsical, meditative spaces, each inviting you to a world of calm and contemplation.
  • Ideal for Wake, Bake, Color, and Meditate: Perfect for those who cherish their morning rituals of waking, baking, coloring, and meditating, this book is a companion for peaceful mornings and relaxing evenings.
  • High-Quality Paper: Printed on premium quality paper, suitable for a variety of coloring tools, ensuring a smooth coloring experience.
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned colorist or a beginner, these pages are designed to provide a satisfying and stress-relieving coloring experience.
  • Perfect Gift: A thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates cannabis culture, art, and the joy of coloring.