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Winn Publications Publishing Services Overview

A professional book is a requirement in the highly competitive world of publishing

Are you tired of dealing with traditional publishers who reject your manuscript without any feedback? Have you considered self-publishing, but find it overwhelming and confusing? Winn Publications provides comprehensive editorial, design, production, marketing, and distribution services for top-quality books in 12 categories. As a hybrid publisher, our authors invest up-front in publishing-related services. In return, they retain intellectual rights, maintain creative control, and receive a 60% royalty rate.

Our authors work with our partners of industry experts to create exceptional, shelf-ready books that set them apart. High-quality books take time, which is a precious commodity for many of our authors and titles. Winn Publications provides a balance of speed-to-market and thorough, well-planned production, marketing, and distribution strategies as well as execution. We regularly work with authors who have to weigh internal and external stakes when choosing how to publish.

At Winn Publications, we understand the frustration that authors can experience with traditional publishing and the complexity of self-publishing. That’s why we offer a range of publishing options to fit your needs, including self-publishing packages and traditional publishing through contests.

Our self-publishing packages include editing, design, and distribution services, as well as marketing support to help you promote your book to a wider audience. With our help, you can turn your manuscript into a polished and professional book that stands out from the crowd.

In addition to our hybrid and self-publishing options, we also offer traditional publishing through contests. We partner with leading book contests to help our authors get their work in front of influential judges and literary agents. If your book is selected, you could receive a traditional publishing contract and the support you need to take your writing career to the next level.

Unlike some other hybrid publishers, we don’t require authors to pay exorbitant fees or give up their rights to their work. We believe that authors should be able to maintain creative control over their books and receive fair compensation for their hard work. With Winn Publications, you can trust that your book will receive the attention and support it deserves.

Each of our projects starts with a submission. If we are interested in the project, we will reach out to talk more about your goals and needs and walk you step by step through our publishing process.

If you are looking for a publisher who will collaborate with you, honor your vision for your book, cheer you on, and help you reach more readers, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our hybrid publishing services and how we can help bring your book to life.


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