Robyn Burns

In a world where love, family, and the unexpected collide, extraordinary stories unfold. 

My name is Robyn Burns, a devoted mother to four remarkable children and the proud wife of a Veteran, my best friend and soulmate. Our lives were filled with joy and purpose, rooted in the deep bonds we shared. Little did I know that an unforeseen twist of fate on my Birthday in 2020 would change everything, challenging my very existence.

Life took an unexpected turn when I was confronted with a life-threatening brain aneurysm, that shattered my world and forced me to reimagine how I would navigate each passing day. As a caretaker to my beloved husband and children, I was unprepared to face my own mortality and the daunting uncertainties that lay ahead.

Previously, I had witnessed firsthand the transformative power of service dogs in the lives of Veterans. These incredible animals, trained to provide unwavering support, offered a lifeline to those who had sacrificed so much for our country. Their presence and devotion were truly awe-inspiring, offering a beacon of hope in the darkest of times.

Inspired by their remarkable impact, I embarked on a quest to find my own lifeline—a companion who could help me face the challenges brought on by my condition. Instead of relying solely on medication, I discovered the extraordinary abilities of Harvey, my incredible Aussie Doodle. Harvey is no ordinary dog; he is meticulously trained as a cardiac alert service dog, with a unique ability to detect changes in my heart rate and keep me safe.

The arrival of Harvey in my life was nothing short of a miracle. With his gentle demeanor and unwavering dedication, he became my guardian angel, a furry friend who understood my struggles and has provided a sense of security. Together, we have embarked on a journey of healing, forging an unbreakable bond that has filled my heart with renewed hope.

In sharing these stories, I aim to shed light on the remarkable role service dogs play in safeguarding the well-being of their human companions. Through the pages of these books, I seek to inspire and educate others about the life-altering impact these incredible animals can have, not only on Veterans but on individuals facing their own unique battles.

These stories are a tribute to the countless unsung heroes who walk among us on four paws, offering a steadfast companionship that transcends the boundaries of our everyday lives.