Royalties as a Self-Publisher

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Q: How do you increase your royalties as a self-publisher? 

A: In short: by publishing and constantly promoting an average of 8 books a year.

I was engaging with people on Instagram when I was asked about the money that I make as a self-publisher. I thought that this was a great question and wanted to share my real life answer with you.

Right now, from my book royalties,  I only make enough to put a tank of gas in my car every month, but to me that’s good. I know some self-publishers who have written a book and it’s just sitting on Amazon and not doing a thing. That’s not good.

As a self-publisher, you are your own team meaning you will have to do EVERYTHING.

  • Write your manuscript
  • Edit your manuscript
  • Format your manuscript
  • Design a front and back cover for your book
  • Publish your book
  • Promote your book
  • Create an author page/website as apart of your marketing plan

Obviously, this is why I offer the range of services that I do, but let’s say that you are like me and you are able and you want to do everything on your own. Well, it’s going to take you a while to see a huge return.

I read somewhere that a self-published author wrote exactly 8 books and got a total of $1,000 for that month. If you live anywhere with a mortgage or rent, $1,000 is not enough to live on, so what do you do?

You keep writing and keep promoting! 

After you finish your first book, promote the heck out of it on your social media platforms. Then after a month of advertising, go ahead and start on your second book. Think about it this way: the more the merrier. The more you advertise your book, the merrier. The more books that you have to promote, the merrier.

There is so much more to this answer, but I wanted to just touch the surface. Marketing and promoting is a huge beast and I am working day and night to be able to provide this service to my clients.

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